I came up with this chant last night in yin yoga during shavasana Ceridwen Chant Ceridwen, Ceridwen Cer-id-wen Ceridwen, Ceridwen Cer-id-wen Dark mother, dark mother Cer-id-wen Dark mother, dark mother Cer-id-wen Cauldron keeper, Cauldron keeper Cer-id-wen Cauldron keeper, Cauldron keeper Cer-id-wen Read more

Magickal Inks! There are always shortcuts to things, and I feel like MOST of what is on the pagan market today are easy simple blends and mixes for the Wicca 101. So my intention is to make quality products, for myself, but also for the community! I want products I know another Witch put time and energy into, so that is what I want to give back! I opened my store on etsy last week, and have decided to start… Read more

I have to say that I slightly regret only being able to stay one day in Wales. The drive there was beautiful, we had to cross a very large bridge to get there, it was interesting because we went over the bridge, and into a thick mist and emerged out the other side into the sun. Very symbolic I thought. Breacon Beacon was magickal, the waterfalls on the side of the road, and the large towering hills that had been… Read more

Old guys house Faery portal? Stourhead was a beautiful accident. We arrived at Stourhead in the rain on day 1. We bought a membership to the National Trust which gave us free access, I was so happy we did because we were only able to go see the Temple of Apollo and then had to leave to make it to our Stonehenge appointment. Beautiful flowers saturated the park Temple of Apollo We returned two days later and stayed for several… Read more

I wanted to run to the Vesica Pisces well cover but instead I headed over to the larger Vesica Pisces pool. and basked in how beautiful it was. From there I went to the gift shop which was small but still had some wonderful things. Duston surprised me with a book called Undine, which is a fantastic book on the creatures of the water. There was a book called Gwyn that I should have got but didn’t, it’s now on… Read more

Stonehenge – May 10th    I was in the UK for just a little over 24 hours, rested and ready to go to Stonehenge. Everyone was disappointed about the weather but me. It was overcast, cold and rainy, and I loved it. Oh it was such wonderful weather for this Water Witch, and the perfect way to kick this vacation off. We arrived just a few minutes early and were able to get into the gift shop before it closed. We… Read more

Healing from hurt others have caused you, pain, anger, the feelings of loss are so difficult to deal with. I take a very different approach to things like this, and many people don’t agree with me. IMO I think that it is very normal for you to feel terrible after something has happened. I think that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself for a natural reaction, such as anger, pain, hurt etc. I also believe that to deny ones… Read more

Beautiful sisters of 9 how your light shines so divine, muse of my heart, I feel we are never apart. Mordron, Nimue, Vivian, you were there in the most ancient of land, ancient ladies of light block out the dark dark night. Rise up from Avalon, with sword of power, and healing of herbs, whispering sweet sweet little words. Morgan mother of great guard strong the deathly gate. Let those only pure of heart, enter The Isle of Apples. Calling… Read more

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