Jill Joiner

I am a mom and a pastor’s wife who spent 12 years in college ministry with my husband, Paul, though Reformed University Fellowship where we loved sharing the gospel with college students even though we stayed up way too late and ate too much pizza. Three years ago we moved from Tampa to Columbia, Tennessee, the Mule capital of the nation.  (Yes, mules.) Now my husband is a senior pastor at a 204 year old church.  Here, I’m learning how to better love my family, the church, and Jesus. Oh, and I’m writing a little along the way.

I have an Early Childhood & Elementary Ed degree and have dabbled in teaching, social work, homeschooling, and a most recent stint as a children’s book reviewer for SixSeeds.tv. (Children’s literature is a passion for me, especially when aspects of the gospel show up in unexpected places.)

A slight caution…  I’m too often the melancholy one in the bunch and seriously need my friends – especially those who take life a little less seriously.

You can also visit me on my blog, Echoes of the Cross.