Kathy Tuan-Maclean

Kathy Tuan-MacLean has been married for 18 years to Scott, an amazing husband but her polar opposite on the Myers-Briggs personality test and almost every other rubric of life.  Nothing has come easily for them except fertility.  Together they are raising 3 kids, two of whom are now officially teenagers—a terrifying development.

Every time Kathy bore another child, she plunged into a deep identity crisis as she wrestled with being a better minister than mother.  Not to mention that wardrobe of nursing shirts, slip-on clogs, and wash-and-wear hairdos.

Throughout the past 15 years of parenting, Kathy has worked part-time with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, currently serving as the Area Director for Boston Graduate/Faculty Ministries and staff minister for the Boston Faculty Fellowship.  She’s also been working on a memoir for the past 8 years and would gratefully receive an agent or publisher someday.

Kathy has a Ph.D. From Northwestern in Human Development & Social Policy, writing a dissertation on interracial friendships, but finds the degree wasn’t particularly helpful in developing her three kids.

You can view her personal blog here.