Short Explanation of the Logo Of The Whiskey Preacher by it’s creator Lee Littlefield

• There is something incredible about skull imagery that i wanted to utilize. Skulls seem to embrace issues of life and death, good and evil, spirituality, and also…more abstractly… something that makes use all the same inside.. ALL EQUALS created the same inside.

• The “Whiskey In the Jar” is a small nod to the irish culture. It’s also a huge way to say WHISKEY!!! A solid clay vessel (cheesey christian imagery) that is highly recognizable across the board reads well. The jug’s “triple x label” and “skull shape” embrace the counter-culture aspect to the Whiskey Preacher’s message and style.

• Lastly, I feel the typeface “WHISKEY PREACHER” is reminiscent of rockabilly scene and overall culture that surrounds pearl snap shirts and classy tattoos. The rounded degraded corners of the typeface also harken to reproduced punk show posters where fonts slowly have become worn down into something more visually awesome.

Other side notes about the logo

It’s all been hand shaped so it’s organic and flexible – there are no sharp edges – i wanted it to have a hand-done look like traditional sugar-skulls and tattoos… flesh just can’t hold a sharp edge over time. everything eventually softens

the skulls teeth are shaped by 3 connected crosses – 2 crooks – 1 messiah

About Lee:

Lee is a 28 year old transplant from East Texas and he got to Fort Worth as soon as he could. In 2005 he managed to get married to his gorgeous wife Kristene.

Lee has been working professionally as an intern, graphic designer, photographer, art director, and creative mind for approximately 7 years and been creating since he was able to hold a crayon. He’s even had experience teaching Graphic Design on the collegiate level, at the same institution from which he received his degree in Graphic Design and Advertising.

His talent doesn’t stop at design/photography however, it also includes writing, video production, playing drums, comedic theater, and painting. Additionally, he’s a big fan of the creative work of others, particularly the creation of micro-brews, the creative ways Dr. Who saves the day, and the not so creative mention of Spider-Man into this bio. He loves to create, love whats been created, and love the creator. (i’m extremely bad at keeping the blog up to date…and grammatically correct)

You can visit Lee’s Tumblr by clicking here!