Watch: Derek Webb on the Wild Goose Festival!

Derek Webb wears many hats: Artist, pop theologian, songwriter, agent provocateur. A veteran of the Dove Award-winning, CCM chart-topping band Caedmon’s Call, Derek parted ways for a season in 2003 to chart his own path, releasing a number of albums including Mockingbird, Stockholm Syndrome and Feedback. Spanning genres from rock to folk to electronica and [Read More…]

"Revenge Is Not the Way" – John Dear on the Killing of Bin Laden

We’re proud to have John Dear contributing to the Wild Goose Festival, of which he’s said “I don’t know precisely what our goal for Wild Goose is—but I hope it will be to help promote the abolition of war, poverty, nuclear weapons, environmental destruction–and all forms of violence, and so to welcome God’s reign….. [let’s] [Read More…]

Oil Spills and Daily Habits

A year after it happened, the disastrous Gulf oil spill is barely heard in the news cycle. But beyond the headlines, the growing community working toward the Wild Goose Festival recognizes that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to ecological disaster: Beyond BP, beyond failure in technique, is our continued mass consumption [Read More…]

Reconciliation in a Post-Religious Right World: Mike Morrell on Day1

Last week I had the privilege of sharing about the Wild Goose Festival with a wide variety of people in the Atlanta area: Punk Torah, Metro Atlanta Emergence, a KSU professor, and Day1, a nationally syndicated radio show and talk show serving mainline churches. I was able to sit in the studio with host Peter Wallace and [Read More…]

Wild is the Wind: Bowie Snodgrass

Bowie Snodgrass, Executive Director of Faith House Manhattan, is a key coordinator for our inter-faith friendship track at Wild Goose.  The Christian tradition that gives birth to the Wild Goose Festival hasn’t always been strongest at relating peaceably and with respect among people of different faiths; part of our vision for Wild Goose is that [Read More…]

Tabernacled Time: Mark Scandrette

In ancient times the tabernacle was a temporary and portable place of assembly and worship for people on the move. The tribes of Israel gathered under the belief that in the midst of their mixing, meeting, greeting, camping, feasting and rituals they would encounter the voice and presence of the Creator. When I reflect back [Read More…]

Thistle Farms: Women's Social Enterprise takes Prostitutes off the Streets

The Wild Goose Festival is proud to partner with Thistle Farms, a women-run social entrepreneurial endeavor facilitated by Episcopal priest and sex-abuse survivor Becca Stevens in Nashville. Thistle Farms and their Magdalene program form a  comprehensive relational network that restores and rehabilitates prostitutes seeking change. And yet, that’s not all they aim to change: Magdalene was founded not [Read More…]

Through the Eyes of A Child – Christine Sine

Christine Sine responds to the question: If you were only able to say one thing at a North American creativity, spirituality & justice festival, what would it be? I have a friend who recently became her granddaughter’s guardian.  It is like rediscovering childhood. She is constantly looking, listening and questioning, opening her eyes and ears to [Read More…]

Wild Tales: Real Stories by Regular Folks – Call for Stories by Mark Yaconelli

Wild Tales: Real Stories by Regular Folks Each night of the Wild Goose Festival we will host “Wild Tales: Real Stories by Regular Folks.”  In this homegrown storytelling series six brave souls from the festival community will tell a true story, first person, in twelve minutes or less.  Stories will be based on the evening’s theme and [Read More…]

Caption This Photo "Contest"

It seems that Wild Goose executive director Gareth Higgins is taking a pilgrimage to one of the glorious hearts of theology in the U.S. Along the way he encountered fellow-pilgrims – and Wild Goose contributors – Jay Bakker, Peter Rollins, and Tony Jones. This unholy trinity has concocted a contest to demonstrate which one of them rules the [Read More…]

A Wild Goose Resurrection – Jacob Kuntz

I was in Cairo on September 11th, attending a study-abroad program through a consortium of Christian Universities in the US. I was returning home following school, crossing over the Nile into the neighborhood where my apartment was located when I realized I was being stared at. But they weren’t staring the way people would typically [Read More…]

What I *Don't* Want out of the Wild Goose Festival – Shane Claiborne

I am proud to have been part of this shin-dig from its inception… and am so excited to see it being born.  Here are a few of my hopes for the ole Wild Goose Festival.   I hope it is….. A celebration of art, creativity, and prophetic imagination A showcasing of fantastic Kingdom-minded projects and missional [Read More…]

Do I Deny the Resurrection? Hugh Hollowell

Occasionally I get emails demanding to know my stance on a particular piece of “historic orthodoxy”. People wonder about my view of hell, or who I think Jesus was or if I think there will be a second coming. Since the controversy over Rob Bell’s latest book (which happens to have the same name as [Read More…]