May the Road Rise Up To Meet You

Set-up continues at Shakori Hills, the 72 acre farm where the Wild Goose Festival will open it’s gates at 4:00 p.m. EST today. Last night, the scene buzzed with anticipation as exhibitors and volunteers (above) made their way to the site, preparing for your arrival. Some Helpful Information Directions A Map of the Site The [Read More…]

Festival Preparations Are Under Way: 5 Day Countdown

Even now, teams are arriving at Shakori Hills to set up the site for the upcoming Wild Goose East festival in just five days. Whether you have one day to spare or a whole weekend, we’ll hope you’ll come and be part of the excitement. See the FULL SCHEDULE here. Get your questions answered via [Read More…]

Concerts In The Triangle Area – Sunday Night At Shakori

If you live within driving distance and can’t camp with us all weekend next week, Wild Goose would still like to invite you to join us for a Sunday evening concert with Over the Rhine, Gungor, Crowder and other performers and speakers. Single evening only tickets Programming from 5:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.; Entry at [Read More…]

Wild Goose Seeks Administrative Associate

Wild Goose Seeks Administrative Associate Please note: This position has been filled. Thank you to all who applied. Salary: $12.00-14.00/hr (Full time) Start Date: July 1 or as soon as possible thereafter. Wild Goose is seeking a full-time staff person to perform administrative, supervisory and clerical work from home (computer will be provided by the [Read More…]

Wild Goose West Announces First Lineup

Wild Goose West Releases First Lineup for Labor Day Weekend Festival Today, Wild Goose¬† announces the first seven members of our lineup for Wild Goose West, the festival debuting in Benton County, Oregon on Labor Day Weekend. [Read the announcement about Wild Goose West here.] You can pick up $99 early bird tickets for a [Read More…]

Wild Goose East Festival – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions As the Wild Goose East festival at Shakori Hills (outside Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina) approaches, we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help attenders who wish to familiarize themselves with the event ahead of time. We’d be happy to answer additional questions if you leave them in the comments below. We [Read More…]

$20 for Twenty: Countdown to Wild Goose East

Just 20 days until we converge at Shakori Hills (outside Durham, NC) for the good music, passionate speakers and open air conversations of Wild Goose East. If you or someone you know hasn’t purchased a ticket yet, now is the time to get yours! For 24 hours, we’re celebrating the 20-day countdown mark with $20 [Read More…]

Wild Goose East Announces Single Day/Evening Tickets

Wild Goose East (Shakori Hills/Chatham County, NC) is now selling single day and evening tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and single evening only tickets for all four days. (Note: Thursday’s program does not start until 5:00 p.m., therefore there are no day & evening combo tickets for this day.) Prices Single day & evening [Read More…]

Wild Goose Posts Festival Schedule for Shakori Hills Site (Chatham County, NC)

Good news! Today, the much-anticipated schedule for Wild Goose East was released. You can see a list of presenters categorized by day, as well as an outline of the program, here.* With Wild Goose East just a few weeks away, we anticipate tickets will be selling fast. Get your 4-day pass to Wild Goose East [Read More…]

Wild Goose Announces 2nd Site, “Wild Goose West,” for 2012

Wild Goose Music Festival Expands to Second Festival Just One Year After Its Debut As many of you know, Wild Goose ( launched its debut festival at the intersection of justice, spirituality, music, and art in June 2011. Today, after much anticipation, we are pleased to announce we are expanding our festival offerings to a [Read More…]

Wild Goose Preps for Pre-Festival Blog Tour

Do you have a website or blog? We’ll be releasing some pre-festival information and promoting last minute tickets via a Wild Goose Festival Blog Tour next week. In a blog tour, each person participates by writing a post for his/her own blog based on information and media they’re provided. The post can be simple or [Read More…]

Announcing An Announcement

                      Some of you may have already picked up on the extra buzz surrounding the Wild Goose camp lately.¬† As anticipation builds for this summer’s 2nd annual Wild Good Festival at Shakori Hills in North Carolina, we’ve also been hard at work prepping for a [Read More…]

Crowder Comes To Wild Goose 2012

After 9 Dove Awards and 22 nominations, the David Crowder Band released its final album, Give Us Rest, earlier this year. Their last endeavor was the grand finale to their career together, earning them a number two spot on Billboard’s Top 200 and selling 50,000 units in just one week. Since then, David Crowder has [Read More…]