The Holiness of God: Chapter 3 – The Fearful Mystery

Awhile back, I was explaining why I don't get Christianity. A commenter suggested I read a book - "The Holiness of God" by RC Sproul [1985]. … [Read More...]

No, that’s not descrimination

I was perusing my usual sites, and I came across an article posted on Fark. … [Read More...]

Youth pastor arrested on child pornography charges.

Pastor Lucas Dillon Brandenberg was, up until recently, a youth pastor at St. Gabriel Episcopal Church in Florida.  For Brandenberg this vocation was the result of getting ever closer with Jesus: In a speech to the 44th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida last year, he … [Read More...]

Jehovah’s Witness parents sneak their son out of hospital. Child in critical condition.

The search is on for a child abducted from a hospital by his Jehovah's Witness parents.  The child will die without medical care: A major search and social media campaign is under way to find a five-year-old boy with a brain tumour after he was taken from hospital by his parents without the consent … [Read More...]

One of my first atheist heroes, Victor Stenger, dead at 79.

Hemant reports that the great Victor Stenger is dead.  He is neither in heaven or hell, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is the mark he left in the world we all share.  If a person's greatness is defined by the number minds changed and lives altered, Victor Stenger memory shall reside in the mo … [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: Robin Williams killed himself because he worshiped false gods.

I was trying to think of a way to introduce this video that wouldn't simply be an ad hominem, but all I could think was "This man is a sick, twisted, evil fuck."Pat Robertson, because if you don't believe in Jesus you'll probably kill yourself, assuming the hurricanes created by gay pride … [Read More...]

Adopt-a-highway sign for atheists of Butte county vandalized with religious message.

Think people in California are free of religious dickery?  Nope: The Atheists of Butte County are upset after they say the Adopt-a-Highway sign bearing their name has been vandalized.Group president George Gold said someone put stickers on the sign which read "God Loves" before their name, … [Read More...]

Child raping priest arrested in New Jersey.

What if, in the wake of a priest raping your kid, instead of going to an organization that has failed repeatedly to address child rape within its own ranks you went to the police who, for the most part, have no vested interest in protecting the Church's PR/pocket book?  Then stuff like this … [Read More...]

Living with an anorexia relapse: the sandwich.

Three days ago Michaelyn and I had a talk in which she told me she felt that weighing myself every day was not a good thing.  I agreed, but wasn't ready to give up weighing myself entirely.  We agreed on three day intervals.  Three days ago I was 196.4 under ideal conditions.  Today I was 195.0 und … [Read More...]

Your morning happiness : Denton, USA.

While almost everybody is familiar with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, very few people are aware that a sequel to Rocky Horror exists.  The sequel, Shock Treatment, was also written by Richard O'Brien and starred many of the same people such as O'Brien (Riff Raff), Patricia Quinn (Magenta, and the … [Read More...]

Catch Jeremiah Beene on Logicast tonight!

Jeremiah Beene, one of the hosts of the Game Theory Podcast, will be on Logicast tonight at 9pm EST.  Both he and David Drake are brilliant and entertaining.  Tune in!  You're bound to learn something. … [Read More...]

Off to appointment #2.

Yesterday was not a good day.  Today's not a good day either.  I've eaten 96 calories because I had told myself I'd eat before my appointment, but that was all I could manage: 16 almonds at 6 calories each.  I counted the calories on each on as I swallowed.  My stomach still feels empty, my head ach … [Read More...]

My appearance on Inspiring Doubt.

Last night I was on the Inspiring Doubt podcast with Greg Brahe talking about creationism/evolution.  Here it is.  Enjoy! … [Read More...]

Pastor: school saying he can’t go pray with football team is trying to turn him into an atheist.

Oh this old argument: if you're not letting me trot onto a public school ground to evangelize you're inhibiting my freedom of speech.  Gag me. A Florida chaplain on Thursday accused a secular group of trying to turn him into an atheist because he was no longer allowed to pray with students at high … [Read More...]