Free will is easy to figure out.

There are really just two simple questions that Socra-tease out the true nature of what is popularly referred to as “free will.” It's not that this issue is terribly hard to figure out or that these questions are hard to answer. It's just that so many things tend to get in the way and confuse the issue.Question #1:The first simple question you should ask yourself is, “Why do humans do anything?”The answer?Because they *want* to (for whatever reason).Objections are mounting in … [Read More...]

Help Recovering From Religion bring on Neil Carter full-time!

Hey guys, I do need to write one pretty important post before the wife and I get on the road to Skepdakota.Recovering From Religion is looking to bring on Neil Carter on full-time as their development person. To make the kind of impact needed by Recovering from Religion and its group members, Neil needs to be able to work on development for them full time, and biscuits don't grow on trees. He's going to need some dough to get him through the first three months of his new endeavor. Eight … [Read More...]

Are you sure it’s a kangaroo? How do you know?

Suppose that you, and your fellow travelers decide to explore a new land. You discover a creature:"Kangaroo and joey03" by Taken by fir0002 | Canon 20D + Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L - Own work. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Commons. … [Read More...]

This Sunday about 400 church leaders may resign after it was revealed they were on Ashley Madison.

You want to know why I get paid the mediocre bucks?  It's because I read through articles in magazines like RELEVANT, which describes itself thusly: Since 2002, RELEVANT has been the leading platform reaching Christian twenty- and thirtysomethings. Covering faith, culture and intentional living, th … [Read More...]

Child molester: god doesn’t set age limits.

A child molester in Utah has an air tight defense for his actions:A Utah man says that, yes, he did molest two children, but he has a great excuse for why he did it: The Bible gives him permission. 54-year-old Timothy Butler does not dispute accusations that he molested two children between … [Read More...]

You know what bugs me more than a single negligent mayor saying church attendance will solve gun violence?

Earlier today I wrote an article about the mayor of Roanoke, VA, a town devastated by Wednesday's double homicide, saying the solution was for people to go to church.  I had assumed that even if people were Christian they would see this as gross negligence of duty.Sadly, I got several tweets s … [Read More...]

Breitbart spreading the idea that Roanoke killer murdered because he was gay.

As if mass murder tragedies aren't bad enough, so many people need to make sure we build a mountain of self-interest all the way to the damn moon in response to them.Behold, one of today's headlines from Breitbart:The article is about what you'd expect:The Daily Telegraph has learned … [Read More...]

Mayor of Roanoke, VA says the answer to gun violence is for people to pray and go back to church.

Who wants to know why I'm tempted to alcoholism?So yesterday a man named Vester Lee Flannagan planned the grisly murder of two employees at the new station at which he was previously employed in Roanoke, VA.  Fannagan arranged to kill them on live TV.  He also filmed the shooting and uploaded it … [Read More...]

Despite losing her appeal at the 6th Circuit Kentucky clerk still denying same-sex couples marriage licenses.

Ah, the story of Rowan County, KY clerk Kim Davis.  Click here if you want to get fully caught up.  The short of it is that she refuses to issue marriage license to same-sex couples and refuses to let anybody in her office do so.  She believes this is her right as a Christian.So a federal judge o … [Read More...]

Living Waters Publications rescinds DMCA on Bible Reloaded’s podcast rebutting anti-gay film “Audacity.”

Yesterday I posted about how Ray Comfort's publishing company had filed a DMCA take down request with youtube against a podcast by the Bible Reloaded.  The episode in question refuted Comfort's recent anti-gay film using none of the video or audio from the movie (they even said this in the episode … [Read More...]

Saudi priest who beat his daughter to death has been released.

An Islamic priest in Saudi Arabia who beat his daughter to death has been released: A court in Saudi Arabia has dropped the charge of sexual assault against the father of Luma, the five-year-old daughter he had beaten to death.The decision was taken after no trace of semen was found on her … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Go on without me.

Good morning, all!Remember, tomorrow I'm on the road to Skepdakota!  I'll try and nudge the other contributors into posting a thing or three.  :) … [Read More...]

This atheist thinks CJ Werleman is wrong. Nobody deserves to lose a loved one to gun violence.

One thing I consistently say on this blog is that things would be much better if religious people would just police their own instead of white-washing religiously motivated badness for fear people might think religion doesn't augment morality.  I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't do the same.I'm … [Read More...]

The Bible Reloaded podcast did a review of anti-gay film “Audacity.” Ray Comfort filed a false DMCA to have it removed.

Ray Comfort has recently put out a movie called Audacity that attempts to dissuade people from being gay (good luck with that).  He's also misled people about the movie's sole accolade, which should tell you about all you need to know about how awful this movie is.So The Bible Reloaded did a … [Read More...]