Matt Dillahunty and I will be speaking in Wichita for Skeptics of Oz this weekend.

Hey gang!First, sorry I've been absent the last week. Personal stuff. I'll be getting back into the grind soon.But I did want to let everybody know that I'll be speaking at Skeptics of Oz in Wichita this weekend. I'll apparently be Matt's warm-up act at 3pm. :PIf you're in the area, swing by and say hello! It's free! … [Read More...]

The message the political left needs to be focused on right now.

I posted this to my facebook, but it seemed like a sentiment I should be putting everywhere, which includes my blog. Here's the real message our side needs to be focused on right now:If Clinton wins in a landslide, she has the mandate to go further left with SCOTUS nominees than politics would ordinarily allow.A liberal SCOTUS for 30 years will do a lot for the country. It will undoubtedly mean more than the presidency.Yeah, barring a video of Hillary setting fire to … [Read More...]

Maybe poking Warren Buffett wasn’t the smartest thing Donald Trump could’ve done.

In last night's debate Donald Trump boasted of using tax loopholes to avoid paying income tax. He justified this by saying people like Warren Buffett did the same thing.Warren Buffett heard him, and today decided to step into the ring himself: Answering a question last night about his $916 … [Read More...]

Speaker Paul Ryan withdraws GOP support from Trump, but still endorses him.

Oh snap, Paul Ryan has given up on any chance Trump had of winning the White House: House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republicans Monday he will no longer defend GOP nominee Donald Trump and will instead use the next 29 days to focus on preserving his party's hold on Congress."The speaker is … [Read More...]

Hillary up BIG in first polls after leaked video.

Who's got happy feet? I've got happy feet.Ok, so here's the big news: Clinton's up 14 points in a head-to-head matchup with Trump and up 11 if you include vote dumpsters Gary Johnson and Jill Stein: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 14 points, 52-38, in a head-to-head matchup among likely … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Knows where the food is, too chubby to squeeze in.

Welp, the Republican party continues to implode. If you needed any more happiness this morning, I guess there's this: Someone wants to squeeze into the food drawer but is too chubby … [Read More...]

Chaos in the GOP continues today. RNC puts a halt on get out the vote effort for Trump.

Wow, today has been absolutely nuts. This could turn out to be one of the biggest landslide elections in history. The Republican National Committee on Saturday appeared to at least temporarily halt the operations of some of the “Victory” program that is devoted to electing Donald Trump.The move … [Read More...]

Bedlam in the GOP today: another US Senator calls on Trump to step down.

Wow, it's pure chaos in the Republican Party today. Another Republican Senator has come out saying Trump should step down:Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately. — Senator John Thune (@SenJohnThune) October 8, 2016Sadly, this is not how it w … [Read More...]

Republican Party turning on Trump as another Congressman asks him to step aside.

For a full rundown of the fallout from Trumps remarks about grabbing women by their pussies, see my earlier post from today.Rep. Joe Heck, House Rep from Nevada's 3rd District, is currently giving a speech in Vegas in which he says Trump should step aside. The crowd boo'd him:Heck is getting … [Read More...]

Donald Trump is not having a good time.

So yesterday the video was released of Donald Trump advocating just walking up to women and, to use his words, grabbing them by the pussy. This is particularly damning because Trump has sold himself as a straight shooter who won't play any PC games. Now it's clear he does have a filter and does … [Read More...]

Video surfaces of Trump discussing his approach to women: kiss without waiting, and grope them.

A video from 2005 has shown up where Trump forgot he had a microphone on and was caught talking about his approach to women, including Arianne Zucker who he was meeting to shoot a cameo on Days Of Our Lives.The short of it: the Donald kisses them without waiting and has no qualms with "grabbing … [Read More...]


Good morning, friends! Warblgarrble … [Read More...]

GOP’s official website declares Pence the “clear winner” of the VP debate hours before the debate happens.

Well, this is awkward.So, the Vice Presidential debate is in a couple hours. Mike Pence and Tim Kaine will have at each other for a couple of hours and then, after it's over, the American people will decide who won.Funny thing: if you run a google search for "gop vice president debate early" … [Read More...]

This morning the Oklahoma Supreme Court shot down last year’s huge anti-abortion legislation.

In a ruling that may as well have also said, "your legal advisers told you this would get shot down, you did it anyway, our time is valuable so stop wasting it" the Oklahoma Supreme Court this morning threw out Oklahoma's anti-abortion bill, SB 642, from last year: In a unanimous opinion handed … [Read More...]