Why I think the County Judge in the Baxter County nativity case lied in his press conference and before.

Hey everybody.  I'm not going to lie to you: this post is long (close to 9,436 words, to be exact).  I usually try to keep entries as short as possible because I know people have things to do.  Trust me: I wasted no words here.  This blog, I believe, represents some of my best work and it includes many important details that I couldn't eliminate for the sake of brevity.  If you make the time to read any piece of mine, please find the time to read this as this case is important and it's happening … [Read More...]

Judge who lost nativity case probably still not consulting county’s legal representatives before speaking.

Alright, so you all know that I've been following the nativity case in my hometown.  If not, click any one of these links.The reason content has been light today is because County Judge Mickey Pendergrass held a press conference this morning to announce his decision: there will be some secular items like Christmas trees and what not on the county square, but no religious displays.  Bear in mind, this is coming from a man who thinks the Christian display must be protected at almost all cost, b … [Read More...]

Texas lawmaker to introduce resolution supporting secession.

Tanya Robertson, a state senator down in Texas, wants a resolution added to the GOP platform that would support Texas seceding from the union: A member of the executive committee for the Republican Party of Texas plans to introduce a resolution at the group's next meeting, which would add to the … [Read More...]

Georgia sheriff puts up sign telling people who don’t say “Merry Christmas” to leave the county.

Harris County, GA employs a man named Mike Jolley as sheriff.  Contrary to his last name, Mike has put up this sign next to the sheriff's station: View post on imgur.comAnd here's Sheriff Mike standing proudly next to his work (which he paid for with his own money):The sign … [Read More...]

Australian man raped by a priest as a child finally getting his day in court.

In a hearing with Melbourne's Royal Commission a man is telling the story of what Peter Searson, and Archbishop in the Catholic Church, did to him when he was a child.  It's pretty messed up: A victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of a Melbourne priest, Peter Searson, has told a royal … [Read More...]

Georgia woman convicted of putting a shock collar on her daughter, isolating her with a bible, and more.

Diana Franklin, a mother in Georgia, was recently on trial for child abuse (and found guilty on multiple counts yesterday).  The list of things she did to her daughter may be hard for some people to stomach: Franklin homeschooled her and sometimes took her to Civil War reenactments, but she also … [Read More...]

Pakistan sees riots/arson over blasphemy. Don’t worry: the blasphemer’s been arrested.

Reports from Pakistan are surfacing from last night about riots and arson in Northern Punjab: Law enforcement agencies arrested over 40 individuals in night raids on Monday for their alleged involvement in a fire at an Ahmadi-owned factory (Dawn). Geez!  What type of horrible thing could prompt 40 … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Letting people know about John Cena.

Good morning!  I came across this yesterday and have been laughing my ass off to it ever since.I'm 12. … [Read More...]

40% of Millennials think the government should be able to censor speech offensive to minorities.

God dammit, Millennials.The next generation gives me so much hope most of the time...then they go and do something like this.Look, nobody's against having societal standards which make the racist deplorable (which is why calling someone a racist is a big deal and why I get so hacked off … [Read More...]

What small town atheists must go through just to secure their plain and obvious legal rights.

I wrote recently about the two year-long legal fight with Baxter County in which an elected official lied, harassed, and attempted to intimidate local atheists before losing in a summary judgment (the legal equivalent of a blowout) in court.  It's a testament into just how much work must be done to … [Read More...]

7th Circuit rules Wisconsin abortion-restricting law unconstitutional.

Internet's back.  Don't know for how long.  Let's make hay while the sun shines.Ok, so while abortion is legal, Republicans are trying to pass any law they can to make abortions hard to get.  One such approach is to require abortion clinics to have hospital admitting privileges they don't need si … [Read More...]

Internet out again. Thanks, Time Warner.

Hey guys.  Sitting here again today and the internet isn't even coming in and out...it's just plain out and has been since right after my morning happiness post (I'm on my phone right now).I have a tech coming out tomorrow to try to fix it...again. We've been through four different modems with … [Read More...]


Good morning!  Guess who could barely walk all weekend because of squats on Friday and then upped his squat weight like a total derpfuck today.If you guessed "JT" you'd be right.  On the plus side I found $25 in my pocket.  I call the morning a net win.Here's something to get your day off to … [Read More...]

Tweets of the Day: deluge.

I've been sitting on a number of great tweets I've seen recently.  Since today kinda sucks for content (curse you to hell, Time Warner) I guess I'll just dump 'em all here.Here's Jim Wright responding to Jeb Bush's claim that we must rebuild our military (you know, the one that gets 47% of all … [Read More...]