Bernie Sanders reaffirms he’s no atheist, DNC staffer behind leaked email apologizes

Bernie Sanders on Sunday went on CNN to respond to the 20,000 leaked DNC emails, some of which suggested the DNC planned to attack him for supposedly being an atheist to sway some Christian voters in southern states during the primary.In an email sent in early May of 2016, DNC Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall said that it might "make several points difference to my [Southern Baptist peeps]" in West Virginia and Kentucky if they could "get someone to ask" if he believed in a … [Read More...]

Leaked DNC emails show plan to attack Bernie Sanders for supposed atheism

A leaked email among some of the Democratic Party's higher-ups show them considering a plan to expose Sen. Bernie Sanders as an atheist, saying it may “make several points difference” to Christian voters in vital southern states during the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary. In its latest barrage of leaked material surrounding the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks released nearly 20,000 emails from the DNC. Some of those emails include an exchange between the DNC’s Chief Fin … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: The wife gets her white coat today.

Today is the wife's white coat ceremony.  She gets that fancy white coat, we get to sit in a swampy auditorium for a few hours, then we all get to pile in front of the TV and be happy.  The mother-in-law just arrived so I get to go play host.I'm so proud of my wife.  That's my happiness for to … [Read More...]

BREAKING: The NBA pulls the All-Star game out of Charlotte due to North Carolina’s anti-LGBT legislation.

Well this is cool: The NBA has pulled the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte after North Carolina lawmakers failed to repeal or repair an anti-LGBT law passed in spring, according totop NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo Sports.The All-Star Weekend events, scheduled to take place February … [Read More...]

Ted Cruz defends religious liberty, including that of atheists, and doesn’t endorse Trump. And I still disagree with him.

Well, this was interesting:Now to be clear, Cruz's speech still had your standard right wing fare.  I mean, at 13:30 Cruz says, "Hillary Clinton believes that the government should dictate every choice in your life: education, healthcare, marriage, speech, all dictated out of Washington." … [Read More...]

After a circus of a convention, in her speech Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama.

No morning happiness today because I have to head down the road to do some paperwork, then I'm staying overnight to teach voice lessons tomorrow.Ok, so if you follow my twitter you're aware that I thought the RNC yesterday was a clown show.  I mean, there was the young guy they trotted out to … [Read More...]

The rest of what happened today: prayers, abortion, and bible games.

I'm watching the RNC be up in arms about the anti-Trump delegates calling for a roll call vote.  In a moment I'll have to start getting ready for dinner tonight.  The wife is dining tonight with her med school house (kinda like Hogwarts, to my understanding) and I'm her plus one.So here's what e … [Read More...]

I like that Trump picked Pence for his VP candidate.

Ok, let's talk about Donald Trump and Mike Pence.First, Mike Pence.  What does his nomination mean?  Well, polls indicate that Trump is predictably struggling with women voters and racial minorities.  His VP pick was a chance for him to forge an inroad with those demographics.Instead, we got … [Read More...]

Pew: Fewer Americans think churches contribute to solving social problems.

Today Pew published a study showing that compared to 15 years ago far fewer Americans think churches contribute to solving social problems:Americans appear to be growing more skeptical of how much of a difference churches and other houses of worship make in tackling social concerns. A majority … [Read More...]

Gods On Coasters.

I was approached a while back by atheist channel head, Dale McGowan, about doing a collaborative blog with some people from other channels here at Patheos.  The result was a new blog between myself, Mark Sandlin (Presbyterian minister, writes at The God Article), and Jason Mankey (Pagan blogger at … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: A guessing game.

Good morning, all!  Sorry to be away this week, but it was the wife's off week before med school starts so we took a road trip.  :)  I may post pics later.Speaking of med school, I dropped her off for her orientation just a few minutes ago.  It's actually happening.  O.o  She may have been a litt … [Read More...]

Bernie endorses Hillary for President.

Hey gang!  Sorry about yesterday.  The wife has a week off before med school starts, so we ran some errands for her and then spent the day snuggled up.As for today, we're gonna head 90 minutes down the road in a sec to fill out some paperwork, so I'll be out again.But worry not!  Today there … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Making a med student.

Good morning!I'm late getting to morning happiness this morning because, well, I spent my morning making happiness.First: I am to cooking what a toddler is to rocket science -- shitty, bad, and altogether not good.  However!!!  My last two attempts have yielded splendid results (recall that I … [Read More...]

The rest of what’s going on.

I've been toying around with the idea of just posting a blog at the end of the day with all the news stories I found interesting, but which didn't get posted.  Welp, since the wife is home early today (from her last day of volunteering with Americorps for a year!), I'm going to try it so we can go … [Read More...]