Off to voice lessons.

Good morning, all.Sorry about yesterday, I had to go to the doctor (follow up from me having the plague last month -- I'm in good health and the shot they gave me didn't even hurt). And then there were showings in the house until literally 8:15 pm, so I was stuck out of the house.  :(And over the summer all my voice students are on the same day.  That means I leave at 9 am and return at 11 pm.  Long day, but worth it.  :)A few of my students will be performing at KC Oasis this Sunday … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Riding a bear bareback.

Good morning, all.  :) View post on … [Read More...]

Thoughts for a new weekly fundraiser.

Hey all.  So, I've had a thought.I pinged an audio expert I know. I may go up and record 20-30 covers of songs from rock to opera to musical theater to pop. After I would release one each week on my blog while asking for charitable donations for various atheist organizations.Do you think … [Read More...]

The FFRF gets an Ohio public school to stop singing “The Lord’s Prayer” at graduation.

I read the Christian Post, and most of the time it's just an eye-rolling waste of my time.  But every now and again they post something about church/state separation where they try so, so hard to paint the offenders as the victims and then it's all worth it.The Freedom From Religion Foundation … [Read More...]

President-elect of largely Catholic Philippines: “The Roman Catholic Church is the most hypocritical institution.”

It's hard to argue that the Philippines are not the Catholic Church's foothold in Asia.  86% of the country's population claims to be Catholic.This is undoubtedly why the Catholic Church has had so much influence over the country.  For instance, though the Philippines has a law saying the g … [Read More...]

Dr. Caleb Lack and I appeared on the Gaytheist Manifesto.

It was a good time.  We talked about mental illness.  It felt a tad intimidating being asked to give my opinions on the same platform as a clinical psychologist, but I think it worked out really well.Callie Wright has recently joined the lineup here at Patheos.  Check out the Gaytheist Ma … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Falling asleep to kisses.

This kitten is living the life: (• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)FP edit: (• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •)(• ε •) … [Read More...]

When trying to find out what is true, it often doesn’t matter if we were there.

One of my hobbies is studying plane crashes, and also arguing about whether or not god exists.  Today I get to do a post incorporating both.  :)When arguing with your everyday Joe Christian it isn't long before you encounter the question "Were you there?"  This comes as a response to all sorts of … [Read More...]

Last night’s episode of Dogma Debate included myself and Neil Carter.

Last night's Dogma Debate contained a recorded conversation between host David Smalley and Neil Carter:Neil's conversation with Smalley begins at 86:35.The short of it: Neil recorded the phone conversation with Eliott which lead to his post Nice Reputation, Be A Shame If Something … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: The fox and the hound.

Good morning, all!  :) View post on … [Read More...]

A sad bump in the road in my investigation into the Neil Carter and RfR spat.

Hey guys.  I had an email exchange with Neil Carter this morning that, sadly, didn't go well.  But I feel like it needs to be public knowledge, transparency and all that (if you need background, I'm investigating the public fight between Neil Carter and RfR).  I know this will read as drama, which my … [Read More...]

House showings and voice lessons.

Hi gang.Showings got scheduled for the 8:30am this morning.  I've been out up until now but now I have to get cleaned up to go teach the little ones.  No rest for the weary.I may do a post around mid-day if I have a break with lessons, so stay tuned. … [Read More...]

Public schools in Kansas are shutting down, but Gov. Brownback just signed a bill limiting access welfare. Priorities.

Sam Brownback has signed a bill that will reduce the amount of time families can be on welfare: SB 402 will reduce the time frame a family can receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to 24 months from 36 months, unless a family gets a hardship exemption.It also reduces the lifetime … [Read More...]

Chinese man allows witch doctors to steam his wife to death to purge ghosts from her.

Ok, you get a warning for this post: the contents are pretty fucking brutal.A Chinese man, Yan Yingmao, recently believed his wife was filled with ghosts.  He trusted a couple of witch doctors to cure her.What wound up happening was that this man's love combined with his absurdly … [Read More...]