Jill Duggar decides it’s time for a mission trip in another country for a while as civil suit against her brother begins.

Josh Duggar's lone non-family victim is suing him in civil court.  Ol' Josh doesn't have much of a shot seeing as how he's publicly admitted to molesting five girls, four of which were his sisters who are almost sure to be called to testify in the civil suit (and would have to since they lose fifth amendment rights since the statute of limitations is up): A report published last week by InTouch showed that a non-relative victim intended to sue Josh Duggar in civil court.Jill Duggar would … [Read More...]

They’re not wrong.

The rare occasion I 100% agree with a church... View post on imgur.com … [Read More...]

Alabama town stops flying the Christian flag rather than face off with the FFRF.

America is undoubtedly a melting pot.  It's home to people of all races, all beliefs, and it promises equality to each of them.  That has always been the glory of the USA: no one group is seen as better in the eyes of the government.  The rights of the wealthy extend to the poor, the rights of the Ch … [Read More...]

The greatest t-shirt I’ve ever seen.

I need this.  I don't merely want this, I need this.Given recent polls, the shirt is spot on. … [Read More...]

Douglas Wilson: same-sex marriage is worse than slavery.

Douglas Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and a faculty member at New St. Andrew's College.  He's also not a racist - that is, if you take his word for it.  But he's a bit of a racist if you look at the rest of his words:Wilson's most controversial work is probably his p … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: A dog, 8 birds, and a hamster are besties.

Good morning, everybody!  Doesn't look like there's much in the news again today.  Awesome.  The world gets another day with a lower than usual output of drama.All the same, let's start it out with something smile-inducing: A dog, 8 birds and cute hamster best friends ever … [Read More...]

Disproving Evolution – Part 20 – Complex Simple Cells pt 1

[Index of series posts]Continuing the rebuttal of the article,  "9 Scientific Facts Prove that "The Theory of Evolution" is wrong."Here, we dive into scientific fact #4, "Single Cell Complexity Proves Evolution is Wrong" … [Read More...]

Dear JT: how to break it to family I love that they may be disrespecting me as an atheist?

I recently got this email from Lara Croft (name changed to protect anonymity): Several people in my extended family are pretty religious. While we have a ton in common, we understand that we have differing opinions on what to believe in, and have had pretty solid conversations about Atheism and … [Read More...]

My facebook is an interesting place on some days…

So this happened:He came back. He liked my "rest my case" comment and then added some more... … [Read More...]

Positively unhinged gay marriage rant from South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright.

The South Carolina senate was all set to discuss how to react to the removal of the confederate flag from the statehouse when Republican State Senator Lee Bright, who surely thought SCOTUS was spot on with its Hobby Lobby ruling, decided to rail against judicial tyranny and gay marriage.  You can … [Read More...]

National guard captain/chaplain says he would burn another soldier’s LGBT flag regardless of who authorized it.

I was recently sent this screen cap from the facebook page of Michael Maccabee Collins, an army national guardsman captain/chaplain:A military leader encouraging the destruction of subordinate soldiers' property?  Jesus...Now, ordinarily I'd black out the name of the person saying these t … [Read More...]

You might’ve said something a wee bit racist if even NASCAR wants nothing to do with you.

Ever since Donald Trump said that Mexican immigrants were rapists (and more), he's been hemorrhaging sponsors and pretty much anybody who previously wanted anything to do with him.  The latest is NASCAR:NASCAR is the latest corporation to distance itself from Donald Trump. On the same day one o … [Read More...]

Huckabee is totally going to stand up to gay marriage if he’s elected President.

Holy crap the news is boooooooooring today.  But I guess that's a good thing.  If there's little catching my eye that means people largely stopped fucking with one another for a whole weekend.  You go, humanity.Anyway, you know how gobs of Christians swore up and down on Jesus and every bible in … [Read More...]


Once again we've saved America and celebrated veterans who struggle to sleep due to their bases getting rocked by mortars on a nightly basis by shooting off explosives invented by the Chinese.  God damn, America prevails.To augment your undoubtedly ample feelings of happiness this morning, he … [Read More...]