Paul Ryan: Prayer is doing something!

At the National Prayer Breakfast the other day Paul Ryan said about the dumbest thing I've ever heard (so at least he picked the right venue for it):I’ve noticed a growing impatience, though, with prayer in our culture these days. You see it in the papers, or you see it on Twitter. When people we say we’re praying for someone or something, the attitude in some quarters these days is, “Don’t just pray – do something about it!” Thing is, when you are praying, you are doing something about it.  … [Read More...]


MORNING HAPPINESS: Migrating is too much work.

Good morning, all! … [Read More...]

Oh my family…

I was talking with my dad about this post (which you'll need to have read in order to get the joke):My family is brilliant.  Seriously, I stand in envy of my father, mother, and brother.  But it's so nice that all of us don't feel the need to take ourselves seriously at all times.  :) … [Read More...]

Dr. Darrel Ray helps keep religious group from proselytizing to an elementary school.

Recently elementary students at Kellybrooke Elementary School raised money to feed the homeless for the City Union Mission right here in Kansas City.  This is ordinarily cool -- pretty much every atheist is all for helping the homeless (as opposed to, say, constructing enormous masturbatory crosses) … [Read More...]

Obama goes from so right to so wrong about religion in the blink of an eye.

The President visited a mosque recently and he said something I completely agree with.  Even though I think Islam is a horrific religion, bad for humanity, etc., that doesn't change the fact that people who believe it deserve the same rights and privileges as the rest of us.  The President r … [Read More...]

Charisma News spins “God Bless America” banner being taken off Kansas post office as a victory.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation recently got a post office in Pittsburgh, Kansas to take down a banner reading "God Bless America."  The reaction was hilarious.Charisma News is trying to spin this absolute loss as a victory to the best of their meager ability: An atheist organization … [Read More...]

MS courthouse has to take down 10 commandments monument. Daily Caller spins it as hard as they can.

The Daily Caller, which is about as legit a news source as the bible, posted this headline the other day:First off, big kudos once again to the Freedom From Religion Foundation for yet another legal victory in keeping church and state separate.  Those guys and gals at the FFRF get work done, … [Read More...]

Group erecting the biggest cross in history.

Hemant has posted about a group trying to build the biggest giant cross in history -- 19 stories tall!This structure, like all giant crosses, will be functionally derelict.  It's kind of like owning the biggest truck in town because your penis is totally the largest.  At least the truck can s … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Nearly got a picture of that cloud.

Good morning, everybody!  I'm coming down sick, but I've already seen a crapload of stories I want to write about.  Thank goodness for having a cushy job.  :) View post on … [Read More...]

What if Jesus said the things the Republican candidates are saying?

Here's something before I head out to teach kids to sing.  Enjoy.  :) … [Read More...]

Virginia committee approves “Kim Davis bill” which would allow clerks to turn away same-sex couples.

The Senate Courts of Justice Committee has approved what is being called the Kim Davis bill.  This is apropos since it would allow clerks not to do the same part of their job that Davis didn't do: A Virginia Senate committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would allow officials to refuse to issue … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: The caring raccoon.

Whomever posted this image seems to think the raccoon is taking care of them because they're sick.But I see those hands -- he thinks he's bartering for a treat: View post on … [Read More...]

It looks like TLC will be picking up the Duggar’s show “19 Kids And Counting” for another season.

The Christian Post is pretty pumped.  It's looking like The Learning Channel is going to help people "learn" to shit out more kids than you can afford and teach them to work feverishly to make second class citizens of your fellow Americans: "19 Kids and Counting" was one reality series that … [Read More...]

73% of Americans support coaches praying with student athletes.

The PRRI has released a study showing that 73% of Americans favor coaches at public schools leading prayers with student athletes: The Public Religion Research Institute last week released its fourth annual survey of sports and religion.  The survey (full data) concluded that 48% of those surveyed t … [Read More...]