Vocal Corner: Let’s talk vocal fry.

This weekend I got to sing a duet with the insanely talented Stephanie Beinhorn and man, it lit a fire under me. I've decided to really apply myself and to get my voice back into real shape.Here are a couple clips of Steph and I rehearsing in my office the night before:I was grotesquely outclassed and it was awesome!So, aside from running my daily scales and what not I need to go back to basic care for my voice. One problem I really have is that I get loads of vocal fry first … [Read More...]

New song from Reasonable Doubt: Fire Up The Twitter.

Last night we recorded a new song. Wheee!This weekend I get to sing a duet with Stephanie Beinhorn. I will be honored to be so thoroughly out of my league. … [Read More...]

I don’t mind Trump got TIME’s Person Of The Year. I just want to hug their art director.

Lots of people this morning are pissed off that Trump is TIME's Person Of The Year. These people seem to think this means he's the best guy on the planet, which it doesn't. TIME's POTY is simply the person who made the biggest impact, good or bad, which is why past "winners" include Adolph Hitler … [Read More...]

Happy Holidays, asshole.

During several rallies on his road to the White House, Donald Trump promised (and in some he promised we'd be saying "Merry Christmas" in every store) that if he got elected we'd all be saying "Merry Christmas" as opposed to "Happy Holidays."Because what makes for a better season of cheer … [Read More...]

Ben Carson nominated to head the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next nominee for the Department of Housing and Urban Development will be a person with absolutely no expertise with urban development: "I am thrilled to nominate Dr. Ben Carson as our next Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development," President-elect … [Read More...]

In one hour I’ll be on Dogma Debate’s stream-a-thon to benefit Camp Quest!

I WILL BE ON AT 12PM EASTER/11AM CENTRAL! LISTEN AT DOGMADEBATE.COM!You can also donate at the above link, or by visiting Camp Quest's website. :) As of right now they've raised about $30,000 of their $50,000 goal.David Smalley is in the process of doing an all-night stream-a-thon to raise … [Read More...]

I love what I’m doing with life.

Yesterday I asked my students if they'd be willing to come in for an extra hour when my parents are in town to reprise their recital songs for them. I told them it wasn't mandatory, but it would mean a lot to me. Many of them agreed, and one even wrote: "I am willing to do it. You work hard for all … [Read More...]

Donald Trump: burning the flag should result in $100k fine or a year in prison.

Our President-elect is back on Twitter assuring the entire world he's unfit for the job:Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2016Where to … [Read More...]

My students will be singing their semester recital this Saturday. If you’re near Kansas, you should come!

This Saturday at 1pm at the High School in Burlington, Kansas my students will be performing their end-of-semester recital. There are a LOT of strong numbers.One of the students that will be performing, we'll call her Betty, began the semester as one of my weaker students. This is me working … [Read More...]

I’ll be on Recovering From Religion’s stream-a-thon today! Tune in at 4pm Central (or all day).

Hey gang, I'm stepping out the door to voice lessons. But before I go, I want you to know that I'll be on Recovering From Religion's stream-a-thon today at 4pm Central Time.They've got a pretty swank line up, which you can see on their Facebook page. Click that same link to tune in to the … [Read More...]

Cast of Hamilton had a message for Mike Pence (and Trump didn’t like it).

Mike Pence attended the Broadway production of Hamilton last night. Tweets I saw throughout last night suggest he was boo'd by the crowd at every opportunity.Good for them. Although, if you boo'd him and didn't take the time to vote against him, maybe save some of those boos for … [Read More...]

I recorded a new single with Jeremy Groom: Tell Me Once Again.

So, I'm now part of a fun little side project called Reasonable Doubt with Jeremy Groom and Lara Magyar. Last night we recorded our first song called Tell Me Once Again:Here are the lyrics: You say he's just a braggart like that should ease my mind he's claimed the highest office and I'm … [Read More...]


Ok, so there will be a lot of original music today (this is part of what I've been doing as blogging becomes more of a hobby, that and teaching).Here's one that cracked me up the other day, so hopefully it will put a smile on your face......because there's also some really bad news today … [Read More...]

Creationist Ben Carson declines any official role in Trump administration.

So Trump promised to "drain the swamp", but has started putting all his cronies into power like Steven Bannon, Newt Gingrich, and Rudy Guiliani. Fancy that.Which is why stories saying Ben Carson was likely to become the Secretary of Education were particularly troublesome. However, Carson has … [Read More...]