Deadpool Day: Looking suave.

We're ready. … [Read More...]


Deadpool Day: it’s morning.

There was no morning happiness post today because today is Valentine's Day for me, Michaelyn, and Dave.  We're going to a fork and screen to watch Deadpool together.  Since it's not officially Valentine's Day we're calling it Deadpool Day because we're so clever.After climbing out of bed I walked over to Michaelyn and, full of grump, asked her to take the first picture of the day.  She took several and cuted all over the lens trying to get me to un-grump: How is s … [Read More...]

Arizona lawmakers obviously break the law to prevent an atheist invocation. (Also, help adjust a poll)

Last week Arizona State Rep. Juan Mendez was barred from giving an atheist invocation to the legislature.  This was peculiar as Mendez had done this twice in years past and everybody seemed cool with it: State Rep. Juan Mendez, the Democratic state representative from Tempe, Arizona, made headlines … [Read More...]

West Virginia lawmakers move forward on anti-gay RFRA.

West Virginia lawmakers are moving forward on a Religious Freedom Restoration Act, kinda like the one in Indiana which totally worked out well for the state.And if there's any wonder as to why this bill is out, don't worry, they'll flat out tell you (hint: it's about those icky gay people … [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins has suffered a minor stroke. The remainder of his book tour will be cancelled/rescheduled.

Famous biologist (oh, and atheist author) Richard Dawkins suffered a mild stroke last Saturday, but he's expected to make a full or near full recovery: Management for the 74-year-old author of The God Delusion said he had suffered a “minor stroke” in the UK last Saturday but had already returned hom … [Read More...]

Vatican clarifies: it is not necessarily the job of clerics to report child rape/abuse.

It's a good thing I have no faith in the Catholic Church left to lose (story): The Catholic church is telling newly appointed bishops that it is “not necessarily” their duty to report accusations of clerical child abuse and that only victims or their families should make the decision to report abu … [Read More...]

What I hear: “Hi. I’m like Satan.”

So... So what you're saying is....... you're like Satan? … [Read More...]

“In God We Trust” going up on police cars in Unicoi County, TN.

Sheriff Mike Hensley of Unicoi County, TN is paying to put "In God We Trust" on the police cars, continuing a recent campaign of dishonesty by Christians doing this purely for religious advocacy while dishonestly hiding behind "It's our national motto, so this is just a secular nod to the United … [Read More...]

Response to Dan Arel about Bernie’s chances and saying he ought to vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination.

So after the New Hampshire primary I saw Bernie Sanders supporters (among whom I count myself, insofar as preferring Bernie in the White House) going ape shit on twitter.  This is understandable, but so many of them were acting like Bernie had it made in the shade and might as well start … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Michaelyn will like this.

My wife is the world's biggest sucker for pictures of babies with dogs.  Here's one to brighten her day (and hopefully yours): View post on imgur.com … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: The changing of the guard.

Good morning, all!  I'm off to teach voice lessons!  Will catch you tomorrow. View post on imgur.com … [Read More...]

Obama’s 2017 budget removes ALL funding for abstinence-only education.

I like Obama more and more as he nears the end of his Presidency.  His "fucks to give" metric seems to be approaching an all-time low.His proposed budget which was released this morning appears to cut all funding for abstinence-only education: Earlier today, President Obama released his fiscal … [Read More...]

I shared a bad article today – the anal sex in Michigan law story is all kinds of exaggerated.

Hey guys.  You know me: ordinarily if I share something that's incorrect I'll admit error, correct in the article, so everybody can see.However, today I shared this bit about the Michigan legislature passing an anti-anal sex bill.  While there were some parts of it that were true, most of it was … [Read More...]

My appearances on the No Religion Required Podcast and Unbelievers Radio.

It's been a busy week here in JT land.  First I was on Unbelievers Radio talking about mental illness:Then I was on No Religion Required just having a grand old time: … [Read More...]