Andrew Sullivan is retiring, and he has inspired me to try something new.

One of the most famous and influential bloggers on earth is gay Catholic author of The Dish, Andrew Sullivan.  I first encountered Sullivan in his online debate with Sam Harris and I was immediately unimpressed.However, as I continued to read him, it became apparent he was a very sharp and informed chap who, never the less, still had a few bad ideas - just like most smart chaps.  I suspect his crushing defeat at the hands of Harris was due to him adopting an indefensible position on account o … [Read More...]

Guest post: I love freedom of expression, so I hate social media.

The following is a guest post by Branden Christen who studied History and Anthropology and now attends grad school.I love genuine and sincere expression. I'm within the school of philosophy (somewhat commonly called Continental Philosophy or Existentialism) which holds that we are, for better or worse, living in a world without the cut, dry, black and white values and norms once envisioned by the philosophers of old. Our world, on my view, has no absolute and irreducible fixed moral … [Read More...]

Mormon Church is not endorsing anti-LGBT protections, they’re wanting to keep their power to discriminate.

Word is spreading far and wide that the Mormon Church is now willing to support non-discrimination ordinances that protect LGBT people.  This is simply not true, as Camille Beredjick points out at the Friendly Atheist:The Mormon church will support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people in … [Read More...]

James Randi retires from the James Randi Educational Foundation.

At 86 years old, the Amazing Randi has decided it's time to fight charlatans on his own time rather than as a career.  It's surely reassuring to know that you can walk away from your life's work because the movement is in a place to continue it without you: This doesn’t mean that I’m retiring from m … [Read More...]

List of most bible-minded cities in America for 2015 is out. My college town is #6!

I went to college in Springfield, MO and ruffled more than a few feathers in my time there.  The city itself is home the headquarters for the Assemblies of God (which loves Jesus about as much as they hate gay people, which is a LOT).  They came in at #6 on the list of most biblically-minded cities i … [Read More...]

Facebook decides to censor pages critical of Mohammad/government in Turkey.

Earlier this week I wrote about how Turkey, touted by many as the success story for moderate, "true" Islam, had ordered facebook to block pages critical of the prophet Mohammad.  I was elated that, thus far, facebook had ignored them.Indeed, look what Mark Zuckerberg had to say write after the C … [Read More...]

The 16 Percent

From time to time those of us who have been organizing the new emerging secular communities have been told that there isn’t a market for this kind of thing. We’ve sometimes heard comments along these lines: “Atheists aren’t joiners. They won’t support something like this.” “Cat-herding” is the stock … [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: we have a stowaway.

Yarr, but we'll let her stay anyhow so long as she pulls her weight. Content will be short and sweet today.  I've taken on a collection of private voice students in a town 75 minutes away.  I daresay it has been almost therapeutic for me.  I love coaching young performers almost as m … [Read More...]

Not a religion.

I follow an Aussie on twitter who goes by @MrOzAtheist.  He's possibly my favorite tweeter.  He says so much with so few words.The other day he was having a repartee with someone who was saying atheism required faith.  He responded with this lovely image:Beautiful.  … [Read More...]

Greece has elected a prime minister who told the Archbishop of Athens he wouldn’t be needed for the swearing in.

Greece just elected Alex Tsipras as their prime minister.  Tsipras is an open atheist, who told the Archbishop of Athens he'd be swearing into office politically, not religiously: GREECE'S new prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, made history within hours of his victory by informing the Archbishop of Ath … [Read More...]

Hemant Mehta gives nine reasons religion is so powerful (spoiler: none of them are “playing fair”).

Hemant is good at what he does. … [Read More...]

Pastor James David Manning is at it again: “Islamists are right to kill homosexuals.”

For those unfamiliar with Harlem's Pastor Manning, you can see some of his greatest hits here.Now he's at it again, saying that homosexuals deserve to die.As Hemant says, he doesn't get paid to be right.  He gets paid to be confident.He's 100% right when he passes the blame to … [Read More...]

I’m torn over Alabama lawmaker who has vowed to expose the affairs of “family values” colleagues.

Everybody's cheering Rep. Patricia Todd, a gay lawmaker in Alabama.  She has said that she will expose the extramarital affairs of some of her anti-gay peers who simultaneously tout "family values" to prevent equal status for LGBT citizens. “I will not stand by and allow legislators to talk about ‘f … [Read More...]

Virginia Senate approve anti-discrimination bill that includes LGBT.

The Virginia Senate just passed an anti-discrimination bill that includes LGBT people.  The bill will all-but-certainly be signed into law. The Virginia Senate General Laws and Technology Committee on Monday approved a measure that would ban anti-LGBT discrimination against state and local … [Read More...]