Daily Trump: strange plan in FL, undercover voters, buying his own book, and befuddled Chicago police.

I'm watching the Trump rally in Tampa right now.  His intro speech was given by the ever deplorable Pam Bondi (who opposes same-sex marriage because it will destroy familial stability, though she, herself, has been divorced twice).And then...Trump isn't there.  So they're just playing music and the crowd is milling about.So let's get caught up with all things Trump in the meantime.  Speaking of Florida, it's a state Trump must win.  Like, if he loses Florida, all the news shows and FOX Ne … [Read More...]

Founder of International God’s Way Church arrested for flogging two teens for “engaging in fornication.”

Bishop Daniel Obinim found out a couple teens had tried to get an abortion, which means they'd *gasp* had sex.  So what was the solution?  Was it to talk over their options, to make sure they had support?Nope, it was to beat the shit out of them: Controversial founder of the International God’s Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim was escorted in handcuffs and transferred to the Accra Police Headquarters after he reported himself to Tema Regional police station earlier today.The ‘Angel of Go … [Read More...]

Atheist has $100 donation to a children’s home refused due to his non-belief, responds in the most beautiful way.

Recently Matt Wilbourn, founder of the Muskogee Atheist Community, tried to donate $100 to the Murrow Indian Children's Home, only to have his donation refused on account of his atheism: Matt Wilbourn says his donation was denied by the Murrow Indian Children's Home after he asked that the home put … [Read More...]

Trump suits: both imported AND made in America (which is apparently a funny way to spell “Indonesia”).

I'm not ordinarily Buzzfeed's biggest fan, but this is god damn epic: … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Puppy learns to fetch.

Good morning, everybody!  :) Puppy learns to fetch. … [Read More...]

The rest of what’s happening: more Trump, church exodus in Norway, and mingling of Christianity and gov’t.

Here's a bunch of stuff that didn't make it onto the blog today, but which caught my eye anyway.The NYT editorial board published an op-ed on Trump's tendency to breathe strength into conspiracy theories:Mr. Trump has seized on the charge that Hillary Clinton plans to win by cheating. He has … [Read More...]

Matt Staver: Obergefell didn’t count, and it’s time for “civil resistance” to fight it.

Matt Staver gave a talk in Pennsylvania in April, the video for which has come to light now, in which he said that Obergefell didn't count.  Why?  Because his religion says otherwise.Staver takes it a step further, suggesting civil unrest is necessary to get their way: “We are coming to a pl … [Read More...]

Add Sean Hannity to the list of “the best people” advising Trump.

So...Sean Hannity has been advising Donald Trump:Hannity’s support for Trump has gone beyond fueling rumors that Hillary Clinton is hiding a secret illness and inviting the Republican nominee on air for frequent softball interviews, however. According to to a New York Times report out M … [Read More...]

Republican Senator would like documentaries to mostly replace teachers.

A Wisconsin Senator, Ron Johnson, has a new idea to cut costs on education: make students watch documentaries: U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (at right), a Wisconsin Republican in a tough re-election battle against Democrat Russ Feingold, used an appearance on Thursday to say the "higher education … [Read More...]

Play Doh narrative on Trump isn’t wholly fair, but he should still take a hit for $100k donation to Tony Perkins.

Last week the governor of Louisiana told Donald Trump to stay away from the state so that resources weren't diverted from recovery efforts from recent flooding.  Trump ignored him to show up and help unload some supplies for literally less than a minute before leaving.Now, to be fair, the media … [Read More...]


Top of the morning! Munch munch munch munch munch … [Read More...]

David Smalley on what’s killing the atheist movement.

I agree with this as close to 100% as a person can: … [Read More...]

Pastor Flip Benham tries to disrupt Charlotte pride parade.

For those unfamiliar with ol' Flip, he was the guy who lost his mind in a garbled tirade about the Charlotte trans-friendly bathroom bill.  Here he is trying to disrupt the Charlotte pride parade yesterday:Not much to say here but this: play this video in 50 years for all the Christians who … [Read More...]

Pew: “Most states allow religious exemptions from child abuse and neglect laws.”

So, we all agree that child abuse and neglect is bad and, like many bad things, we have laws in place in order to prevent.  However, for some things we rightly consider abuse, in many states there are laws which declare they're suddenly not abuse if done for religious reasons, as Pew … [Read More...]