Off to St. Louis for Seekerfest.

Ok, first, last night Michaelyn and I volunteered with the Dawkins Foundation for an event here in KC (Robin Blummer is incredibly nice).  We got to snap a pic with the D:Ok, so in 30 minutes I'm off to St. Louis for Seekerfest.  I'm one of the early speakers tomorrow (11am).  Then Sunday morning at 10:30am on Sunday I'm giving my new Kim Davis talk at the St. Louis Ethical Society Mid Rivers and singing a song.  It'll be happy fun times for sure.  Hope to see some of you out ther … [Read More...]

Life as a blogger.

I'm often asked what it's like to be a blogger for a living.  Is it great?  I mean, you get to work in your PJs, your office is a short walk from your bed, etc.But what's it like to read through a bunch of news articles every day and get a good feel for how humanity operates?  And what's it like to try and capture that while navigating the complex and frustrating landscape that is politics and religion?It's a little, a lot, like this...every day:Thanks Andres for the video. … [Read More...]

Bobby Jindal knows how to stop gun violence as President: by talking about what a Christian he is.

Bobby Jindal has figured out who's to blame for a lone gunman going on a mass shooting last week.  Surprise: it's all the people he didn't care for beforehand!  Imagine that. Louisana Gov. Bobby Jindal, desperately seeking attention in his floundering presidential bid, had the most horrifying r … [Read More...]

Front-runner to become next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, drops out of the race.

Well this is interesting.  The front-runner to follow in John Boehner's footsteps, Kevin McCarthy, has dropped out of the race: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has dropped out of the race to succeed House Speaker John Boehner, in a shocking move that reflected his inability to gather the … [Read More...]

John Kasich: totally secular society would rob the United States of its morals.

Presidential candidate John Kasich apparently thinks that secularism and morality are at odds: Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) is warning that a move to a "totally secular society" would rob the United States of its morals and complicate the fight against Islamic terrorists. Yes, because without … [Read More...]

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin calling for amendment that would allow 10 commandments monument (not really).

Unsurprisingly Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin doesn't think her state has pissed away enough money on foredoomed lawsuits: Shortly after the Ten Commandments monument was removed from the state capitol grounds, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) on Tuesday called for state lawmakers to initiate an amendment … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Finding ultimate wisdom in the unlikeliest of places.

You win the victories you can.  If you don't have enough proof to get god's existence into the scientific literature urinals will never reject you:Presumably the truth of Christianity is the most important piece of wisdom in the whole universe. This is how it's spread: not in textbooks, but i … [Read More...]

Missouri pastor stole over $21,000 to buy his mistress’ silence.

Pastor Ralph Sawyer has been a bad boy: A Missouri pastor is accused of stealing more than $21,000 from his church to pay off his 20-year-old mistress.Ralph Sawyer was charged with a felony count of theft after prosecutors said he ripped off money from Lindsay Lane Missionary Baptist Church in … [Read More...]

More anti-marriage shenanigans in Alabama.

Can the future get here sooner so it's clear that every civilized person despises bigots of all stripes, including the anti-gay crowd?In Alabama some probate judges are using a hella old loophole to deny marriage licenses to everybody, just to get at the gay people: In 1961, as Alabama's … [Read More...]

Looks like god is going to smite Blount County, TN.

A couple days ago I wrote about how the Board of Commissioners in Blount County, TN would consider a measure to ask god not to smite them for the USA allowing same-sex marriage.  One could point out that god has smote any other place that allowed same-sex marriage, so Blount County is probably … [Read More...]

Alabama Supreme Court Justice wants the state to “stand up to SCOTUS” on same-sex marriage.

Oh man, the right wing is going to be so happy to hear this.  I've finally found one of these rogue justices they're always complaining about - y'know, the ones who defy the Constitution and just attempt to get things their way regardless of what precedent establishes.His name is Justice Tom … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Swiggity swootie.

Early start today.  I actually have a lot to do and then I gotta take off by 1pm at the latest to go teach voice lessons.  Aaaaaaaargh!This is how I feel on days when I have to wake up early: View post on imgur.com … [Read More...]

Tweet of the Day: Andrew Seidel.

I know what kind of...quality material...I get on twitter and in my inbox.  I can't imagine what Andrew Seidel, a lawyer for the FFRF, gets.The other day on twitter though I saw him respond to a tweet beautifully:.@dmill10_doug "Godless & proud, huh? Looking fwd to spending eternity in … [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance running a “desperate” fundraiser.

I saw this tweet this morning:We desperately need your help! If we don't raise $100K by Oct 31, we won't be able to help students like we need to! http://t.co/in0qkwNLAP — Secular Students (@SecularStudents) October 6, 2015 So I follow the SSA.  I think they're doing some of the most efficient … [Read More...]