GAY RIGHTS: Man burns his neighbors gay pride flag, says it was just a prank.

How the hell did I miss this? Cameron Mayfield, 23, is accused of stealing the flag from the home of a neighborhood gay couple at the beginning of March and now faces felony charges of arson aggravated by a hate crime.Police received a call from the women who identified Mayfield and, while investigating, found the burnt remains of the flag in his basement. Ok, so Mayfield, if he was going to destroy someone else's property, could've chosen anything.  He specifically chose the their gay … [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: Interview with the Godless Engineer.

Last night I was the guest on the Godless Engineer's youtube show.  Here it is:I had a lot of fun. A+++ would do again. :PIf you want to learn more about the Godless Engineer, scope out his facebook and his twitter. … [Read More...]

FAITH: Top Muslims cleric announces a husband doesn’t need a wife’s consent for sex.

So what is god telling his leaders in the Islamic faith?  The cure for cancer?  The solution to poverty and hunger?No, silly.  God's telling them that a wife's bodily autonomy doesn't belong to her, but to her husband: A man may have sex with his wife without her consent, according to a ne … [Read More...]

APPEARANCES…ISH?: Christian blogger “Asks An Atheist” and posts mine and Neil Carter’s answers.

Rebecca Florence Miller is probably my favorite Christian blogger.  I know the competition isn't that thick, but she's a great person who obviously cares about atheists and conducts herself (and approaches questions/challenges of her faith) with integrity.  I like her.So for Ask An Atheist Day y … [Read More...]

FAITH & GAY RIGHTS: Michigan mechanic says he won’t serve gay people, wonders why people are upset.

Brian Klawiter owns Dieseltec shop in Grandville, Michigan, and this last week he made an announcement on his company's facebook page that he would turn away LGBT customers: "I am a Christian. My company will be run in a way that reflects that. Dishonesty, thievery, immoral behavior, etc. will not … [Read More...]

My sexuality and my journey to figure it out.

I have been trying to figure out my sexuality since I was 12. Throughout the years, I have had several boyfriends, but I never felt anything when we kissed. This was weird to me considering the media makes it sound like you are supposed to feel fireworks and all that nice shit. I even had … [Read More...]

MORNING HAPPINESS: Restaurant owner reaches out to feed a homeless person.

This story renewed some of my faith in humankind: Ashley Jiron, a sandwich shop owner in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, one day found that someone had torn open the shop’s trash bags and taken out some food from the dumpster behind her building, according to TV station KFOR.Instead of ignoring it, she pu … [Read More...]

BREAKING: Tennessee Senate kills the bill that would make the bible the state book.

Man, maybe I was wrong all this time - maybe miracles do happen.I just put up a post about how the GOP in the TN House advanced a bill to make the bible the state book in the face of warnings from the state's Attorney General that it would be inviting a lost lawsuit.  But less than an hour ago t … [Read More...]

FAITH & POLITICS: Tennessee House advances bill to make the bible the state book despite being warned its illegal.

Despite warnings from their legal allies that the bill is almost certainly illegal, the Republicans in the Tennessee state House have advanced a bill that would make the bible the state book: Tennessee state legislators on Wednesday (April 15) advanced a bill to make the Bible the official state … [Read More...]

ACTIVISM: What it’s like to run an atheist group in Turkey.

You guys know Turkey, right?  The great success story of moderate Islam, not like all those other countries where Islam seems to produce barbaric laws, discrimination, and lower standards of living.  Yes, journalists can still be imprisoned there for years for publishing a picture of Mohammad.  Yes, … [Read More...]

APPEARANCES: I’ll be on with Godless Engineer tonight at 10pm Eastern for Ask An Atheist Day.

As many of you know, today is Ask An Atheist Day.  John Gleason, the Godless Engineer, has gathered a bunch of questions atheists are frequently asked.  I'll be joining him to answer some of them at 10pm Eastern Time.  At that time, just click here to tune in.If you want to check out the Godless … [Read More...]

FAITH, HIGH SCHOOL, & LAW: Bible distribution is a widespread problem in Oklahoma schools. The FFRF is putting a stop to it.

I recently wrote about an Oklahoma third grade teacher who handed out bibles to her students.  Would you believe this problem is more widespread in Oklahoma than this single teacher?  I know, get ready. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter today to Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Prui … [Read More...]

FAITH & HIGH SCHOOL: Parent receives threat after complaining of public school bringing in Bible Man.

A parent has contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation over her son's public school in Tennessee bringing in a guest speaker named Bible Man (not joking) to evangelize to the students: The Christian-themed superhero character played by Horace Turner has been visiting Grundy County schools for … [Read More...]

FAITH, LAW, & POLITICS: Canada’s Supreme Court rules no prayers before government meetings.

Back in 2011 a man sued  the town of Simoneau in Quebec over the town reciting explicitly Catholic prayers before city council meetings.  He was victorious in his efforts: In 2011, Quebec's human rights tribunal ordered an end to prayers, demanded that a crucifix in the city council chamber be re … [Read More...]