One of the many bright spots of being a speaker and being on the road is that I get to meet so many people.  In the last year I have encountered so many people who have become good friends.

Sometimes these friends, out of nowhere, get me something.  I confess, I love gifts.  I love giving them, I love receiving them, even if it’s just something out of a quarter machine.  That somebody thought about me just makes my week.

At the AHA national conference, I waited at the airport for a couple hours after arriving because Annie Callicotte, the leader of the Secular Student Alliance at Central Missouri, had never traveled in a city before and was a little nervous.  In return, she got me this book.

I used to have long hair, and I would wear bandannas to keep the hair out of my face.  That tradition carried on even after I cut my hair.  On most days I’m wearing one – I almost feel naked if I don’t.  It’s also on account of being an original gangsta.  😛 I also do magic tricks with bandanas.

This book even came with an extra bandana for me to wear!  It is now my workout bandana.

Before that, I received a visit from Kay Abshire, whom I met while speaking at the SSA Annual Conference in 2010 (I’m organizing the 2011 Annual Conference – you want to be there!).  Like me, she has battled mental illness and has learned to manage it.  Her advice and support was vital to me overcoming mine.

Anyway, she is an artist and gifted me one of her etchings on that trip!

Click to make bigger!

I am one of the most fortunate heathens on Earth to know so many kind people.  Some days it’s just overpowering how lucky I have been.

WWJTD?  I’d be incredibly flattered and touched.

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