Our forces grow!

‘The tighter you squeeze the more systems will slip through your fingers’…

The battle for which team can raise more money for Camp Quest rages on!  Under PZ’s iron-tentacled rule, even the marine life is turning their back on him.  The Digital Cuttlefish has donned his cape and leotard and joined forces with Team Awesome!  Soon we will have more heroes than the cephalopod warlord has arms!

Still, he is a mighty foe, but his might is derived from the masses (not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!) which are slowly coming to the side of societal cooperation!

PZ says you should give to the agency with less overhead.  He doesn’t realize that true heroes fight for free!  Our super squad will continue to scrap for every penny until the battle is won and atheist kids have an even more awesome place to learn over the Summer!  PZ is indeed powerful on his own, but even Superman joined the Justice League eventually!

To topple the Tyrant of Atheist Blogging, we will need your help.  Check out Greta Christina’s most recent post, Jen McCreight’s most recent post, Adam Lee’s most recent post, and this post by me.  Share them on your facebook wall!  Make them your status!  Tweet them!  Encourage your friends to do likewise!  Every little bit counts!  Got $5 lying around?  Toss it in the hat!  It’s all for the kids (and the victory of Team Awesome).  Show the world that atheists can band together to accomplish even the seemingly impossible!

Also, got fund-raising ideas?  What would you like to see me do in exchange for money?  I will totally be your dancing monkey in exchange for donations, just let me know what you want!  Want to send me to church?  Want me to journey to the creation museum, document everything, and do an in-depth blog all on my own dime?  Want me to try and pull a cop over for speeding?  How much is it worth to you?  Let’s talk dollars here people!

"God have mercy on you poor blind souls. Fr. Amorth, pray for them."

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