Kick off my shoes and immediately go to war!

Ah, my new home!

Before I get around to rearranging the furniture and what not, I need to get a thank you out to the architect.  Enormous thanks to Katie Hartman for putting together the design for this site, since I’m about the most technically inept person on Earth.  Katie is one of the organizers of Skepticon 4 and has recently been elected to the board of directors of the Secular Student Alliance.  You can meet Katie prematurely at Reasonfest (May 6 & 7), Rapture Day (May 21), and the SSA’s Summer Conference (July 29-31).  She’s a hoot!

A second thank you goes to Brian Fields, whom I met at American Atheists a couple weeks ago.  He was generous enough to take the time and make the sidebar all sexy.  He is a senior web developer at eDirect Publishing and has constructed a number of web sites for the freethought community and others (see some examples here, here, and here).  Thanks Brian!

And quickly a third and final thank you: to you, lovely reader, for stopping by and welcoming me into my new pad.

I’ve been convinced by my good friend Jen McCreight that I’ve reached the point where I should have a big boy blog.  So here I am, I have moved on from my old blog to a site that even bears my name.  It all feels a little pretentious – not because it riffs on “What Would Jesus Do?”  Because seriously, there are few people in America above the age of five who aren’t wiser than that guy, so it’s not exactly egotistical to put myself on that plane.  No, it feels somewhat arrogant because it’s kind of me-centric (what with being my blog and all) and especially because I had to produce content about my life/career in third person.  That was just odd.  However, as Tim Minchin famously says: in for a penny, in for a pound.  What better way to christen my new digs with a flourish accompanied by delusions of grandeur than by going after the top dog of atheist blogging himself?

As it turns out, there is a little contest going to raise money for a very noble cause: Camp Quest, the atheist Summer camp (I will be a volunteer counselor at Camp Quest Ohio in June and will be writing up a music program for them!).  On one side of the competition, initially, was a host of prominent atheist bloggers: Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, Hemant Mehta, and myself.  Our fellowship was pitted in our entirety against the tentacled one, PZ Myers.  The goal was to either be the first ‘team’ (since PZ is a team unto himself) to raise $5,000 for Camp Quest or to raise the most money by June 1.

PZ and his horde powered their way to the $5,000 goal in less than a day, and PZ wasted no time gloating over his (and Camp Quest’s) victory.

But our team is not one to admit defeat!  We pulled a trick we learned from years of debating Christians and moved the goalposts!  Round 2 gives our team a chance to redeem ourselves by being the team that raises the most money by June 1 or if we can be the first to $25,000.  We also called in reinforcements by adding Adam Lee of Daylight Atheism to our motley crew.  Sadly, turnabout is a fair play, and PZ added a teammate of his own: Richard Dawkins.

Still, we stand undeterred!  As David slayed Goliath (just like Jesus really walked on water), we shall persevere and emerge victorious!  Everybody loves a true underdog story, so toss a couple bucks to our team – it all goes toward giving secular kids a home over the Summer while their peers are off getting indoctrinated.

I feel like I no sooner walk in the door of my new blog home that I’m tossing tin cans at the neighborhood mansion – but PZ shall come to fear our intrepid fundraising blogging team!

After you’re done contributing to Camp Quest, leave a comment saying hello and letting me know what you do or don’t like about the new site.  🙂  Thanks for swinging by!

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