Desperation: the new cologne

We’ve got him on the run!

Sauron PZ has ensconced himself with his aquatic tower while our forces have grown daily.  Frightened by our might, he is now acting in desperation: he has bartered the source of his power for assistance against the uprising atheist horde!  The amphibious tyrant has said that he will shave his beard should his side emerge victorious on June 1!

Though the Legion of Awesome is strong, having grown from an initial four-warrior fellowship of Greta Christina, Jen McCreight, Hemant Mehta, and myself into a dangerous force of fund-raising champions (including Adam Lee, Apostate’s Chapel, the Digital Cuttlefish, Matt Dillahunty, Sikivu Hutchinson, and C.L. Hanson) we would be fools not to acknowledge the power of the squid’s bargaining chip.  So how to best react?  Frankly, by attempting to be the more seductive prostitute.

I hereby vow that if our side is victorious in the fight to raise the most funds for Camp Quest, that I will shave my head at the SSA’s Annual Conference in July.

I am willing to bargain for more, just tell me what you want!  Want me to shave my legs at the conference?  It’ll cost ya!  Give me ideas for things people would pay to see!  I have no shame!  I will lay my integrity on the line for the benefit of atheist children everywhere!  There is no donation too small!  Got $5 lying around?  Toss it in the direction of Camp Quest via Team Awesome and eschew that preening piece of sushi over at Pharyngula!

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