Jesus loves the little children…

It turns out that it’s not just the Catholic church that protects child molesters.  Katie Hartman has a great post up on Atheism Resource discussing what kind of protection you can receive from Christian institutions for the most despicable crimes – you only need to believe in Jesus.  I would write my own commentary on the story but Katie says it better than I ever could.

Just like their savior, believers frequently confuse forgiveness with turning a blind eye and failing to stand between wrong-doers and their victims.  It could not be more conspicuous: religion does not make people more moral.  Sometimes it makes people better, other times it makes them much, much worse.  In both cases it tells people that the wisest being in the universe has vetted their fallible, often poorly reasoned conclusions, and that is not a good thing.

  • Vanessa

    NO WAY. Other religious people molest children, too? I thought it was ONLY the Catholic church…

    Yeah I’m totally sick of that misconception being perpetuated. Can we not pretend like Catholic priests are child molesting machines and everyone else is exempt?

  • Marty Heuck

    Way over my head on this. oh well ill have to stare at the net all day now.