I am three credits shy of a degree in vocal performance, which I hope to wrap up this Summer.  Sadly, there’s very little utility one can dredge out of a degree in voice as a full-time atheist activist.  So to reassure myself that I didn’t waste seven years of my life I sometimes sneak out into the night to do karaoke!  I’ve developed a bit of a tradition as of late with my karaoke adventures: the best recommendation that comes in from my blog, facebook, and twitter will get sung, recorded, and posted.

Tonight Mike Brownstein, the leader of the Purdue Society of Non-Theists, will be coming into town and we’re going to go rock some karaoke!  What a wonderful time to extend this tradition over to my new blog.  So leave your suggestions in the comments.  If you’re a music nerd, I’m a baritone with a performing range of F2 to Bb5 and can float falsetto high enough to do any (male) song that doesn’t require belting into the stratosphere.  If I’m having a good night, I might try a song with a C5 or C#5 in head/chest mix, but those nights are few and far between.

Let me know what you’d like to hear!  I generally know songs from musicals (Rocky Horror ftw?) and from the 70s/80s.  You can recommend stuff from other eras, but no guarantees that it will be in my repertoire.  More recent artists I like are Counting Crows, Josh Groban, *Nsync (laaaaaaaaaaugh it up), and the Foo Fighters.

  • http://www.epiphanyhealth.wordpress.com Gayle Jordan

    Don’t Stop Me Now — Queen

    cuz that’s why we call you Mr. Fahrenheit…xo

  • JT Eberhard


    Man…that song goes up really freaking high. It’d be pushing it. :P


  • Jimmy Holloway

    There’s always ‘Round Here by Counting Crows! Or Black by Pearl Jam. Two of my faves to sing when I do the karaoke.

  • JT Eberhard

    Love ‘Round Here’! That one is certainly a possibility!


  • Kelly

    Friend of the Devil: Grateful Dead, but covered by CC.

  • http://gretachristina.typepad.com/ Greta Christina

    Can’t they change the key on karaoke machines so you can sing to any song?

    If they can: From Jesus Christ Superstar, “I Don’t Know How To Love Him.” I triple-dog dare you.

  • http://measureofdoubt.com Jesse Galef

    Gayle – someone else did Don’t Stop Me Now! … they did a mediocre job of it. We’ll pick out a good Queen song for next time.

  • Janee

    I think you should totally sing I Want Candy! Aaron Carter ftw (this is late since I was all weekend, but count this as my vote for next time haha! <3)

  • JT Eberhard


    I totally thought you meant this initially.


    I would totally do the MC Pee Pants version. :)