Live for the (nerd) swarm!

It’s official:  I will be speaking at Dragon*Con in September!  I even get heroic, medieval lettering for my name!

Even better: I will get to make the journey to the Kingdom of Atlanta with a fellowship from the Secular Student Alliance!  I’m thinking I can be the unlikely bard thrust into the plot (I’m always a bard!), our Communications Director, Jesse Galef can be our mage/diplomat, Assistant Campus Organizer, Nick Stancato can be our warrior, and Development Director, Ashley Paramore can be our totally hot rogue!  We will need some other classes to round out our party though (atheist Paladin/Cleric for healing?).  What class of godless adventurer would you be (4e classes plz, k thx)?

For those unfamiliar with Dragon*Con, you will never find a more geekish hive of gaming and nerdery.  From the wikipedia entry on Dragon*Con:

Dragon Con (also Dragon*Con) is a North America multigenre convention, held annually over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The 40,000-plus-member convention encompasses five hotels in downtown Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park, and is hosted by a 1500-member volunteer staff.

This means immersion in sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, and all the gloriously fun things I had to love secretly in my formative years before becoming an out and proud nerd!  I have been wrong this whole time: heaven exists, and it is in Atlanta, Georgia.

They already have a rock star lineup of speakers including Phil Plait, George Hrab, Eugenie Scott, D.J. Grothe, Pamela Gay, and many others.  For seven years I have been an atheist activist, and for most of that time I have read the works of Dr. Plait, PZ Myers, and other prominent freethinkers.  Their writings have been instrumental in forging my own opinions.  It’s so surreal to now be sharing a stage with them.  My goal, once again, is just to give a good enough talk so I don’t get completely blown away by the established icons of the atheist/secular movement.

But I shall be ready!  I’ve never been to Dragon*Con, and I sadly suspect my nerd chops are not up to par, despite dressing as a steampunk character at American Atheists with Greta Christina and Katie Hartman.

But for a convention like this I will have to step up my game!  I shall begin assembling a full steampunk outfit so as to earn my place amongst the prodigiously geeky!  Do you have any tips for doing this?  Let me know!

Cannot wait for September!

WWJTD?  I would speak at mother-fucking Dragon*Con!  wOOt!  I am so effing L337!

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