Open Rapture Day thread

Sorry for the lack of blogging the last few days.  Non-blogging life always comes first for me and I’ve been going out and getting to know new people here in Columbus (saw Something Borrowed last night and will be writing a post griping about that when I get free).

Anyway, a couple things in the meantime.  First, I’ve paid for some anti-spam software for the blog and so far it seems to be kicking ass.  If it zaps you by mistake, shoot an email to me at and I’ll get it fixed.

There will be plenty of blogging this weekend for Rapture Day in WichitaJen, Greta, and I will all be kicking out blog about our various events (and I’m sure PZO will be doing so as well).  So for the time being, here is an open thread for everybody who is attending Rapture Day at one of the various national events.  If you’re going to be in Wichita this weekend, introduce yourself!  Also, answer the following question:

What is your favorite part of skeptic/atheist conferences?

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