Two can play at this game!

The bewhiskered one believes he has sprung a terrible trap.  Earlier, Team Awesome put a litany of agonizing/humiliating promises on the line in order to gain the support of atheist nation.  Immediately afterward, PZ instructed his minions to throw the match and watch us suffer.  The way PZ tells it, he can now either throw the match and delight Team Awesome’s pain, or win outright, benevolently excusing us of our pledges of humiliation in the fight for fund-raising supremacy.  Either way, he says, it is a victory for Pharyngula.

However, as do all villains, the pileous menace has forgotten something while he has taken the time to monologue…

PZ has pledged that if his side raises more money that he will shave his fanciful beard into this abomination from the 1980s at Convergence at the end of June!

As you can see, the two sides are neck and regrettably-still-bristly-neck.  As of this post, Team Awesome has overcome tremendous odds to lead PZ by $8.  But what would be the better victory?  To prove that an army of noble bloggers can unseat the legend, or to watch the blogger of myth voluntarily trim away the source of his fleecy powers?  I think we all know the answer…

So in order to win, I think it’s time for Team Awesome to take a dive and gtfo of PZ’s aquatic stronghold as it crumbles!


Donate to PZ!


Or donate to us.  Either way, the kids win.

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