zomg social networking (it iz teh uberz)

I gave two talks at the American Humanist Association’s National Conference in April.  The first was my plenary talk on the need for high school secular clubs.  The second was a part of the Secular Student Alliance‘s leadership track.  That  presentation was on social networking.


It’s an interesting exercise trying to keep people engaged while you present them with material that most of them know, but I love a challenge.  :)

  • Beaux J

    Nice blog JT! Keep it up!

  • mike

    “You are going to owe me… so one drink!”

    I think this was the funniest of your presentations I’ve ever watched. Thanks for it!.

  • http://donaldmorton.wordpress.com Donald Morton

    You’ve inspired me to start a blog as well. Thanks for all that you do!