Trip to Arkansas: with pictures

Ok, update on my trip to Arkansas last weekend.  Overall, it was a glorious weekend.  I turned off my phone, didn’t check my email, and, clearly, didn’t blog.  Sorry about that, but the break was just spectacular.

First thing’s first.  On our first post Annie bemoaned the possibility that South Park would be ended by its creators.  At the time I told her it probably wouldn’t happen.  Turns out, I was right – South Park will continue to run.  I rule.

Annie: Let me just say that I am ecstatic that he was right. The world would have been a dark, hopeless place without South Park around *phew*! Okay back to you JT.

As for the summary of the trip – we played poker with mom and dad, had some wonderful drinks, went hiking in the woods, visited a couple antique stores and scored some gifts for our friends, saw a play, looked at stars, had good conversation, found the flippin’ church of god, had a glorious repast at Olive Garden, went on a double date with my parents, and pretty much de-stressed from both our hectic lives.  We crammed a whole lot of enjoyment into a very small amount of time.

My parents’ home has always been a very peaceful place for me.  It’s where I do my best thinking and where I’ve always been happiest.  It was very good to me to get back and even better to have Annie’s company.

Annie: I would just like to say how touched I was that JT was willing to share this experience with me. I’m not sure that I have ever felt so at ease around a group of people as I did around JT and his family. To be around supportive, like-minded people is wonderful and the feeling of acceptance that was present while I was there was palpable. I cherish the many memories we made while there and hope to have more wonderful experiences like this one in the future. I can only hope that everyone may at some point experience such contentment as I did during my time away.

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