Atheist vs. Theist MTG: "The Dark Ages"

The Atheist vs. Theist Magic: the Gathering block is underway!  Dr. David Burger has done most of the heavy lifting with oodles of ideas coming in via facebook and other mediums.  The first set will be called “The Dark Ages”, and will be out just as soon as we can work around our schedules and get it done.  The first set will be theist-heavy with influence from some of the oldest atheist philosophers.

The block will be balanced and playable.  We plan to export it to Magic Workstation (download the free evaluation version) for online play.  I may even organize some draft tournaments through this blog.

Here are some teasers.  Click to make them magically large.

Theme is important to us.  Note how “The Republican Party” makes the rich richer at the expense of the poor?  Notice how “The Power of Prayer” doesn’t do squat without extra effort?  “Hitchens’ Rebuttal” denies an argument and insists it never be brought up again!  On the whole, we’re going to have the theist side tend to rely on creature sacrifice, token production (because let’s face it, they make more babies than we do), and mill/discard (destruction of knowledge) mechanics.  The atheist cards will focus on level up (constant improvement), card draw (increased knowledge), and teamwork along with some counterspell (rebuttal) mechanics.  We want it to be playable, but still amusing.  🙂

So here’s your chance to help. We’re looking for common-level cards for both theist and atheist sides.  Examples of theist commons might be things like “Mob Rule”, “Offering Plate”, or “Pedophile Priest”.  For the atheist side it might be things like “Fossils”, “Campus Organizer”, or “Museum Curator”.  What figures represent the common players on both sides of the movement?

Throw ideas our way!

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