I vow to get my bland, tasteless pizza elsewhere!

Well, I’m officially done eating at CiCi’s pizza.

When I and my high class, pecksniffian* entourage get kicked out of church from now on, we will have to find a new trashy restaurant to visit.  Does anybody know of any mostly godless nomming spots out there?

Hrm…now that I revisit that old post, I see one of the members of World Harvest church came in a while back and begged for a beatdown.  Perhaps I’ll oblige when I’m low on blog material sometime.

* This word was the word of the day on dictionary.com and I liked it. Fuck off. :P

  • Russell P

    Pecksniffian is the perfect word.

  • http://angryastronomer.blogspot.com Jon Voisey

    What’s wrong with that? You can’t bring some FSM flyers and get your free drink?

    Meanwhile, the Cici’s near KU offered a free drink on Tuesdays for students. Does that Cici’s do that, or are they promoting superstition OVER education?

  • William R

    I find it odd that I clicked the link to the word of the day and it gave me “orison – a prayer”
    honestly, that’s just odd. Good thing I’m rational and don’t find “god’s will” everywhere I look lol