Cupcakes, steins, sushi, and South Park

I’m in Arkansas on a brief vacation to see family and old friends.  It’s glorious.  I’m avoiding the news, my cell phone (my mother is holding it for me), and email until Sunday, so for blog fare you just get some glimpses into my trip and childhood home.

Wednesday I hit Kansas City where my friend Matt was having a birthday party with the SSA at the University of Central Missouri.  Though I got As in chemistry, I have never been able to cook worth a damn.  I had an agreement with my friend Taylor that I would ruin bake cupcakes for the party.  My friend Annie was kind enough to watch over and make sure everything didn’t blow up.

Amazingly, the cupcakes turned out pretty good.  Funfetti ftw!

Annie and I also hit the antique store to look for gifts for Matt (he collects beer steins).

We found the steins and had a stellar party.  The UCM group is a pretty spectacular lot!  Some of the members from the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics (SOMA) from KU also swung by.

Then Thursday Annie and I set off for the Natural State.  We stopped for sushi along the way.

Some sushi is served on fire!

Finally we arrived in the Natural State where fun was had with friends and family.

*sigh*  Cute overload.

Two of my favorite ladies.  🙂

Anyway, that’s enough for now.  More tomorrow maybe.

Annie: Apparently I’m going to be blogging as well over this trip! This is my first time writing on a blog so try to not judge *too* harshly.

Up until 12:15 ish last night life was perfect. I got to meet JT’s parents (who I will promptly be adopted by – the paperwork will be filled out today), enjoyed the beautiful scenery, learned how to play poker, and ate AMAZING food (sushi noms!). THEN SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED. I mean really horrible. Like, seriously guys. This shit is for real.

At 12:40 am I made the realization that South Park might be going off of the air. Now I know this might not seem like a big deal but IT IS. If any of you have watched the season 15 mid season finale you probably better know exactly what I’m talking about. There I was, happily snuggling and watching  South Park and then BOOM! This fateful day will live in infamy.

What essentially happened during this episode was that Stan was diagnosed as a “cynical asshole” and soon everything around him looked, sounded, tasted, and just WAS shitty. I wasn’t worried at first but then around minute 19 of the episode Stan’s mom and dad (Randy and Sharon) decided they were splitting up. Early in the years of South Park there was an episode where Randy and Sharon took a break, so at first marital issues didn’t seem like that big of a deal. But last night was super serial. They talked about how unhappy they were with each other and said they felt like they were just doing the same shit week after week.

At first I wasn’t concerned, but as they continued the conversation about growing up and moving on I made a horrible realization: South Park might be going off of the air. I know this might sound like a leap but Matt and Trey don’t write without purpose. The conversation ended with Randy and Sharon splitting up, selling the house and moving.  My fears were further realized when Stan continued to view everything as shitty and lost his friendship with Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. Kyle and Stan are the characters held most dear to Matt and Trey. The friendship between Kyle and Stan parallels the friendship that Matt and Trey have. The fact that the episode ended with the Kyle and Stan NOT being friends could speak volumes as to what is going on in the South Park writers lives. It is thought that their success with the Broadway musical “The Book of Morman” could be the cause of this episode. Maybe they just want to grow up and try something different. Maybe they don’t want to work together anymore. Maybe they feel like the world doesn’t need South Park.

It is on that last point that I strongly disagree. The world does need South Park! It is a light of reason and rationality in an otherwise dimly lit TV land. I was genuinely upset when I considered the possibility of South Park not continuing (just ask JT, he had to sit dumbfounded  as I kept saying “oh shit no!” – thankfully he didn’t continue with his call 9-1-1 plan). For the past four years of my life it has been my go to show when I need a giggle or want insight on something (like the Mormons!). Matt and Trey are brilliant because they are able to combine vulgar, childish humor with deeper meaning. This is a very uncommon combination that I (and many others) greatly appreciate. Although I really do love South Park, I guess I can understand why they would want to move on. However, don’t be surprised if I start a petition to keep them on the air.

Jesus I hope this is all just a publicity stunt! Gah.

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