Help the SSA maintain spiritual emptiness

Won’t you help save the children?

For just a dollar a day, you can help keep these kids appetite for godlessness filled for years to come.  However, if the non-spirit of un-godliness moves you, you can throw in even more toward helping the youth.  $5/month?  $20/month?  $100/month?  What is excess money but a means to happiness?  If you’ve got happiness, give the Secular Student Alliance your money.

…if you’re happy and you know it give us your money!

  • dr b

    I feel as though you need a more skeptical tie.

  • Nikki Gillespie

    This was awesome. The cheese factor was very well done!

  • MikeJ

    The banana! :D

  • Serah Blain

    The banana solves for the lack of a full Windsor.