Measurements from this month

Had my measurements taken at the gym today.

In the last month I am down 3.5 lbs of fat, up 2.5 lbs of muscle, and my body fat is down 1.5% points (presently at 14% even, down from 25.6% when I started).  My trainer is very pleased with these results.  They weren’t quite as inhuman as last time, but I’m getting to the point  where improvements are going to require more effort and come in smaller increments.

Bring it!  🙂

Proudest achievement from this last month: two sets of ten dead-lifting 210 lbs.  I’m also down to at least a 32″ waist, but probably a 30″ waist.  I wore 38″ waist jeans without a belt when I moved to Columbus in January.

Becoming a gym rat has been wonderful for me and it has been phenomenal for my malfunctioning brain.  My therapist and doctor are a little concerned that my present condition of anorexia nervosa will transition to anorexia athletica.  This makes sense.  There is certainly a correlation to how much my body hurts from working out to how easy it is to keep the tendrils of depression at bay.  I also have trouble going more than a few hours without maxing out on push ups/pull ups.  It’s certainly something I have to monitor.

I typically weigh myself around five times per day (down from 10-15).  I’ve decided I need to really dig in and fight the obsession with my weight and try to re-focus on just being fit while setting limits on how much I do to make sure I don’t replace one obsession with another.  So I’ve committed myself to not weighing myself for the next month.  I’ve been at it for four days and it’s tough, very tough, but it feels great.  It’s like a weight has been lifted (pun intended).

You’re never cured, you’re just in control.  Anyway, hooray for good results!  Getting in shape has been life-changing.  I recommend it for anybody.  If you’d like to get into it and be my long-distance workout buddy, leave a comment.  Perhaps we can set up some schedule by which we share our results on here.  🙂

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