Quickie post. Was it good for you?

Busy, busy, busy, so here are some quick tidbits for you.

First, TEAM AWESOME WAS VICTORIOUS!!!!!!  Final tallies:

Team Awesome: $13,550.06

Team Pz Myers: $13,016.01

Todd Stiefel: $3,508.73

Total: $30,074.80.

Don’t be mad about $30k going toward teaching kids about critical thought.  🙂  Big thanks to everybody involved (will post that list as soon as I’m not scrambling before work)!

So, this means at the after party of the Secular Student Alliance’s Annual Convention, I will be both shaving my head and waxing my legs.  I will be auctioning off the right to tear off those strips, so if you’d like me to suffer at your hand, send an email with your bid to hairless@wwjtd.net.  Every penny goes to the Secular Student Alliance.

Second, a lady left their $300k estate to Harold Camping, snubbing her family who is none-too-pleased about it.  Sure, there are all the usual gripes about how that person was sadly gullible, but really all religious people are sadly gullible.  Personally, I have the same feelings of pity/frustration whenever anybody tells me they believe somebody rose from the dead, not just when they piss away their fortune and leave their family high and dry.

Third, the Central Arkansas Transit Authority has refused to run some brutally offensive bus ads.  If there are young ones in the room, cover their eyes.

That’s it?  There are millions of atheists?  And they’re good? That’s the ad they refuse to run?  Snore.

I’m from Arkansas, so I speak their language.  This garble about refusing to run these ads translates to “pretty please, with sugar on top, sue us and take an appreciable sum of our money.  k thx bai.”  Thankfully, the United Coalition of Reason also speaks Arkansan and are obliging them.

Personally, I think the message that atheists are good without god is far too innocuous.  As Victor Stenger says, the damn truth is that we are better without god!  Wake me up when they slap that on a billboard.

Have a good day all you happy heathens!

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