Skepticon IV registration now open!

Last year over 1,000 people attended Skepticon III.  So this year they’ve secured the Gilloiz Theater, which is positively beautiful and seats 1,130 people.  Now, here’s the scary part: they opened registrations yesterday, only announcing it on the Skepticon web site.  By midnight they had reached 80 registrations.  Now PZ has announced it this morning and now it’s up over 127…in less than 24 hours! It’s not like this thing is coming off next month: this is in November, in five months.  It will fill up.

It’s already looking to be one of the most popular atheist events this year, so you may want to get in while the getting’s good.  Don’t worry – it’s still absolutely free to get in.  Knowing this group, they’ll probably also be tripping over themselves to find people floor space to crash on if lodging will be a strain on the pocketbook.  They are also working on getting childcare available this year, and are talking with Camp Quest about running a day program for the kiddos.  Fly, carpool, hike…all you need to worry about is getting yourself there.

Also, I know of a particular rabble-rouser who may have received an invite to speak again this year…

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