The journey is neverending…

The summary of my end of the week report to the board this week.

The advance of atheism continued this week, but not without the forces of theism striking back.  Galvanized by the heroics of the good Sir Damon Fowler, numerous young cavaliers have determined that the time is nigh to brandish steel and assault the aristocracy of their respective lands.  Many battles were fought with the sundry eminence of schools throughout the land – many of them persist even unto this, the third day of the month of June.  Steadfast in our resolve, we bear the resources to sustain our present level of grit and pugnacity such that should we fall to the enemy, it shall not be from attrition.

For now, the divisions of our adversaries are at bay.  We have earned a hero’s reprieve.  Were the overseers of the universe just, we would be permitted to rest until the stars abandoned their glow.  Yet after years of chaos and clashing of steel, the onslaught remains only a hair’s breadth behind.  A moment of quiescence is the sum of what the cosmos has allotted us.  We will parcel our antagonists a moment of clemency whilst we slumber but, alas, a moment is all we can spare for their rabble.

I shall take the first watch.

I rule.

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