Time for the final round, where the scores can really change!

I swear to FSM, this competition to raise money for Camp Quest is turning out to be like a season of LOST: plot twists every two seconds.  It’s culminated with both sides trying to divert funds to our opponent, but now there’s a new twist!  Then the competition didn’t end at midnight, but is going for another two hours according the the chip-in widget!  During the morning, the lead has swapped back and forth, with Team Awesome ahead by just under $300.

But now a mysterious third figure has stepped into the arena.  Todd Stiefel has swooped down and decided to really throw a gilded, diamond-encrusted monkey wrench into the whole competition!  The contest will end at 2pm EST, and until that time Todd Stiefel will match up to $5,000 in donations for each side one-to-one!!!  Throw in $20?  Like magic, it’s now $40!!!

That means you have even more power to make PZ trim his beard of might down to a powerless remnant of the same era that gave us Rick Astley.

It’s like a Mega Man game, where you’ve beaten ten different iterations of Dr. Wily and think you’ve finally won, but no, there’s another fight waiting with higher stakes that make the previous few hours of fighting seem like chicken feed.

Speaking of the notorious Dr. W, I think it’d be a good look for PZ…

Come on guys, let’s put an end to this dastardly end boss once and for all!  Donate to to Team PZ to make him shave his trademark beard and to save the hair on both my legs and scalp! Or donate to Team Awesome if you think we deserve to win (which we do).

Thanks to the Todd Stiefel Foundation’s generosity.  No matter who winds up parting with their beloved mane, more kids will wind up with a super fun week over the Summer learning the value of critical thought and reality-based thinking.  That’s a win no matter what.

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