Al Franken: keepin' his pimp hand strong for equality

Al Franken is fed up with your shit.

mmmMMMmmm…anti-gay ‘expert’ being uninformed and dishonest in the service of, let’s face it, a virtually exclusively religious cause…now I’ve seen everything.

“No one who practices deceit will dwell in my house; no one who speaks falsely will stand in my presence.” Psalm 101:7 (thanks to Tom Van Someren for the bible passage :) )

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  • Nathan

    I love the way the crowd laughs when Franken starts to question the “expert.”

  • Carol Eberhard

    Go Al Franken, go Al Franken! He was so funny back in the old Saturday Night Live Days (Pete Tagliani, anyone?)…you gotta love him.

  • Bryan

    I love Franken, but one could argue that the definition of a nuclear family as “living with two parents, who are married to one another, and are each biological or adopted parents to everyone in the family” does rule out same-sex couples in these families.

    Since gay marriage is, unfortunately, nearly universally unavailable, then the “who are married to one another” clause does, in effect, nearly rule out same-sex families from the study. I would wonder how many couples in the study, if any, were -actually- gay couples.

    Nevertheless, the lack of inclusion or proportion of same-sex couples in the study would not support the arguments -against- them. The most one could say is that there is evidence -for- the benefits of nuclear families (say, as opposed to single-parent families). Fraken is still spot on with the fact the guy has completely ruined his credibility in interpreting the available information. Fraken’s attack was far more amusing, but the real problem was in interpreting the -purpose- of the study, and it cannot be used to say -anything- about same-sex couples and their families.

  • http://AnEpiscopalianinPlanetEarth Mario Melendez

    ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ is gone and hopefully DOMA as well. For now, a bit of history when the country took another step in the direction of progress:

    “Liberty protects the person from unwarranted government intrusions into a dwelling or other private places. In our tradition the State is not omnipresent in the home. And there are other spheres of our lives and existence, outside the home, where the State should not be a dominant presence. Freedom extends beyond spatial bounds. Liberty presumes an autonomy of self that includes freedom of thought, belief, expression, and certain intimate conduct. The instant case involves liberty of the person both in its spatial and more transcendent dimensions…Had those who drew and ratified the Due Process Clauses of the Fifth Amendment or the Fourteenth Amendment known the components of liberty in its manifold possibilities, they might have been more specific. They did not presume to have this insight. They knew times can blind us to certain truths and later generations can see that laws once thought necessary and proper in fact serve only to oppress. As the Constitution endures, persons in every generation can invoke its principles in their own search for greater freedom. The judgment of the Court of Appeals for the Texas Fourteenth District is reversed, and the case is remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with this opinion. It is so ordered.”

    (Justice Anthony Kennedy, opening and conclusion, the opinion of the United States Supreme Court on “Lawrence v. Texas, June 26, 2003)

  • Nikki Gillespie

    Ah, I love it when someone who is being a d-bag gets slapped around by someone with intelligence and an awesome delivery!

  • Mario Melendez

    And more to the point about what Franken said:

    “Sen. Franken is right,” the lead author of the study told POLITICO. The survey did not exclude same-sex couples, said Debra L. Blackwell, Ph.D., nor did it exclude them from the “nuclear family” category provided their family met the study’s definition.

    Read more:

  • Tom VS


  • Volizden

    @Bryan Who Stated:
    “(…) but one could argue that the definition of a nuclear family as “living with two parents, who are married to one another, and are each biological or adopted parents to everyone in the family” does rule out same-sex couples in these families.”

    It depends on the definition of marriage, from the standpoint of the researchers. Most, I feel, would take into account what the couple refers to themselves as. For instance, my partner and I have two children that consider us husband and wife, almost all of our friends consider us husband and wife in spite of the fact that we have NEVER had a cremony for such status. We are domestic partners.

    My conservative family, all of them, consider us NOT married and living in sin…