Epic end-of-the-week reports #1

My end-of-the-week report from Friday at work.

Concealed in the deepest forest is a tree from which all reason flows.  Forgotten amongst the opaque, near impenetrable timber, a small group of odd creatures known in the ancient tongue as ‘scholars’ have tended to her roots through a succession of epochs.  For millennia the proselytes, from whose skin weeps irrationality, having poisoned their own streams long ago, have sought the boon of our uncorrupted topiary.  Every year they creep closer, spreading their sickness.  As even the sun’s light has slowly abandoned the secluded glen, the scholars have begun to wither and decrease in number.  If the gods were watching, they were undoubtedly contemplating the end of all that was good and sustaining upon the denizens of Earth.

But not long ago, a curious thing happened.  Four horsemen egressed from a tower of the purest ivory.  Together, they harnessed the powers of reason lingering within the tree’s bosom and struck back against the disgusting hordes.  As word has spread of a successful opposition, the creatures of the wood have begun to amass for a final assault.  The vanguard of this force is a group of youths, championed by August the Cherubic, Lyz the Coordinator, Galef the Raconteur, JT the Pugnacious One, Ashley the Traveled, Sir Nicholas the Bold, and Andrew the Quiescent.  Each are masters of their respective disciplines.  Lyz commands the powers of organization while Galef brandishes his twin daggers, Guile and Influence. There is a storm coming that will hold the fate of this world in the balance, and this…Alliance…is our unexpected, and only hope for surviving this: our final stand.

This is their story.

I’m glad I don’t suck at my job so I can get away with this shit…

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