Friday fitness: sound the alarm!

Once more with the weekly installation of the WWJTD workout team.


Still getting organized with things, he will report in next week.


Conrad weighed in this week at 207 lbs.  To explain the immense change from last week he says:

I blame the damn scale at the gym for underweighing me. Thanks a lot troll-scale.  Either that or I drank 11lbs of liquor while I was at CFI last week.

It may very well be entirely muscle though.  How about 3 sets of 8 leg-pressing 500 lbs?  He did it.  He also added 10 lbs to his arm curls by doing 60 lbs in 3 sets of 8.


Sid upped her push-ups (toes as fulcrum) from 1 to 2.  She also brought her five-mile run time under and hour at 55:08:12 and did 100 sit ups.  The rest of us on the workout team are envious.


It was time for measurements at the gym.  In the last month I’ve added 3 lbs of muscle, ditched 3 lbs of fat, and dropped my body fat % 1.8 points from 14.65 to 12.85.  I also found out that my waist is now one inch smaller than my trainer’s (we’re the same height).  Having these numbers at my disposal helps combat my brain which is still convinced I’m fat.  I’m told that this type of progress is pretty incredible, so go me.

I lost .6 lbs, dropping to 171.0.

My max bench went from 165 lbs to 185 lbs.  This is the first time in my life I have ever been able to bench my body weight.  I felt like I could do 190 lbs or 195 lbs, but my trainer told me to hold off.

I added 10 lbs to my deadlift max by deadlifting 315 lbs.  Again, I felt like I could do more and wanted to, but my trainer told me to save it.  *grumble*

I also added a pull up – I did 7.

I hope the group of us can get together at a conference sometime and storm a hotel weight room.  I’d make shirts for that.  😛  I’m very thankful to all these people for doing this – we’re getting in better shape and it feels amazing.

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