Friday fitness…a day late

“Exercise is the yuppie version of bulimia” ~ Hugh Blair

It’s amazing how you can be balls-to-the-wall occupied one day (like yesterday) and completely without responsibility the next (like today).  Anyway, because of this fact, Friday fitness  2.0 now comes on Saturday.

We have a new addition to the WWJTD workout team: Nikki, a mid-20s biology student in Kansas.  Everybody be sure and welcome her.

It became apparent as Nikki submitted her numbers that she had a very low daily caloric intake.  Over this last week she averaged 1002 calories per day.  While this is not a level indicative of anorexia, it’s still worrisome.  Her new goal is to eat over 1,200 calories today for numerous reasons.  If a woman eats under 1200 calories per day, it is difficult for her to get a sufficient amount of  nutrients into her body.  The body’s response is to begin breaking down muscles to supply its organs with glucose so they do not begin to deteriorate.  Since muscles are the primary burners of fat in the body, this kills your ability to burn fat as well.  Eating at this level will make the number on the scale go down, but only because you’re destroying muscle, which weighs more than fat.

If you’re a man, then many dietary experts recommend not going below 1800 calories in a day, though this number is much more disputable than a woman’s 1200.

I’m pleased to say that Nikki has been doing much better with her diet since this was pointed out.  I’m very proud of her and know how hard it is.  I do not report on what people generally eat on this blog, but I think I will start doing so for both Nikki and myself, since this should be an area of improvement for both of us.


This week Nikki ran 2.8 miles in 32 minutes, setting a pretty clip for her to improve upon for next week.

Average daily calories consumed: 1,002


Conrad weighed in this week at 203.6 lbs this week.  He also purchased a scale, so his weight should begin to look a little more consistent.  🙂

Last week Conrad did 3 sets of 8 leg-pressing 500 lbs.  This week he did 3 sets of 8 leg-pressing 560 lbs.  That’s incredible progress.  He also ran a total of 6 miles this week (up from 4 last week) and added 5 lbs to his chest flies by doing 3 sets of 8 with 60 lbs.  Conrad gets the workout gold star for this week.


Sid once more doubled her push-ups (toes as fulcrum).  Last week she did 2, this week she did 4!   Her five mile time from last week of 55:08:12 remains her best, however this week she did hit 160 sit ups before getting bored.  What a show off!  Time for a new ab exercise for her, I think.  😛


I lost .4 lbs this week, coming in at 170.6.  I got stomped relatively hard at the gym so did not get to max any of my tracking exercises.  I will do so on Monday.  This means my maxes remain at:

Deadlift: 315 lbs
Bench press:  185 lbs
Pull ups: 7

My average daily caloric intake was 1649.8.  Admittedly, I have had trouble eating the past few weeks.  This has been easily my best week in a while.  Hopefully the coming week will be better.

Abg. Calories: 1649.8
Avg. Carbs: 195.2g
Avg. Fat: 36.6g
Avg. Protein: 131.4g

Why so much protein? Well, the obvious reason is because I’m doing strength training and that helps muscles to regenerate.  However, there’s another reason that is often overlooked.  By eating twice your recommended intake of protein (and staying healthy) you will create a thermic effect that boosts your metabolism up to an additional 25%.  My trainer actually wants me consuming around 200g of protein per day (recommended daily intake for someone my size is 62g).  In order to get that high, I simply need to eat more, which I will focus on in the coming week.

How about that?  Applying science, facts, and effort to a problem in order to solve it.  I’d love to it us against a team of people who pray for better fitness and see how much more productive exertion of the body tempered with knowledge is when compared to the noble (so we’re told) exertion of getting on your knees and mumbling.

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