Friday fitness: the JT, Sid, and Conrad show

And away we go!


This week Conrad, legitimately, dropped below 200 lbs for the first time.  🙂  For this, he gets the Friday Fitness gold star for the second week in a row.  That’s a huge accomplishment!  Good work, Conrad.

He also added 10 lbs to his leg press routine, which is now at 3 sets of 8 at 570 lbs.  Don’t let him kick you.  He also added 5 lbs to his tricep push-downs, doing 3 sets of 8 at 125 lbs.


Sid’s streak of doubling up her push-ups has drawn to a close.  This is probably a good thing since, had that pattern continued, she’d be doing 65,536 push ups by the time Skepticon IV rolled around.  She added 1 push up this week, bringing her total to 5 at max.  Not bad for somebody who was doing a single push up at max a few weeks ago!

Last week Sid ran 5 miles in roughly 57.5 minutes.  This week she trimmed almost 4 whole minutes off that time by doing it in 53:33:58, shattering her previous fast time of 55:08:12!  For this, she also gets the Friday Fitness gold star this week.  It’s a tie!  🙂


As for me, I seem stuck at 7 pull ups.  I am bound and determined to get 8 next week!  I also pushed my bench press max up to 195 (previously 185) and my deadlift up to 335 (from 315).  My trainer told me to hold up at 195 lbs on the bench press, but I really wanted to go for 200.  It’s no secret that when I decide to do something I throw myself into it in full, so I begged and pleaded my trainer to let me push it and he reluctantly obliged.  I couldn’t quite get it.  I may try it next week.  We’ll see.  I plan to defer to my trainer regardless.  I was silly for paying for advice and then not taking it.

I also found out that I can now walk on my hands.  I can get 3-4 steps, but it’s the balance that stops me – the strength to keep going is certainly there.

Here are my dietary numbers for the week:

Avg. Calories Consumed/Day: 2069.2
Avg. Carbs/Day: 235.2
Avg. Fat/Day: 60.4
Avg. Protein/Day: 181.4

This seems really good, and to an extent, it is.  Averaging over 2k calories a day is good for me.  However, Thursday I went out with a friend and annihilated my diet.  That day alone I ate 3315 calories, which included 329g carbs and 167g of fat.  If you take that day out, the numbers look like this:

Avg. Calories Consumed/Day: 1757.75
Avg. Carbs/Day: 211.75
Avg. Fat/Day: 33.75
Avg. Protein/Day: 182

Still, I am eating more, which was my goal for this week.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a very rough day today psychologically on account of eating such bad things last night, but hopefully it will only be a minor setback.  It’s both fascinating and a little unsettling how one bad day can so drastically change what I see in the mirror.  I’m glad I am on top of it enough to have insight into what I see.

I do feel more capable in workouts, better able to push myself now that I’m eating more.  Perhaps Monday I’ll bench 200 lbs.  We’ll see.

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