Friday fitness

A while back I put out an invite for people who would like to be long-distance work out buddies.  Three people responded.

The first is Conrad, a 25 year-old male at the University of Kansas.

The second is Sid, 29 year-old  god damn ray of sunshine female from Iowa.

The third is Brandon, an eloquent male from Missouri.

Every Friday I will be posting our highlights and progress.


I weighed in last week at 177.2, and at 171.6 this week.  Some was surely water weight, but I still trimmed a lot of fat off.  I also doubled my pull-up max from 3 to 6.  I deadlifted 305 lbs and benched 165 lbs.


Conrad curled a 50 lb bar in three sets of eight this week and leg-pressed 200 lbs in three sets of eight.

Last week Conrad’s weight dipped below 200 lbs for the first time in his adult life.  This week he was at 195.


Sid began this exercise in undoubtedly the best shape of any of us.  See her fitness report:

She weighed in at 139.5 and ran five miles in just over an hour, did 76 sit ups, and did one push up using her toes as a fulcrum.  She is a beast.


Brandon had a busy week and did not report – more on him later.  😛

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