Bacteria rockin' it old school


Earth’s oldest fossils have been found in Australia by a team from the University of Western Australia and Oxford University. The microscopic fossils show convincing evidence for cells and bacteria living in an oxygen-free world over 3.4 billion years ago.

Fossils from microorganisms that were giving the middle finger to the universe 3.4 billion years before human beings dreamed up the concept of god. They didn’t give a fuck there was no oxygen.

Bacteria are totes legit.

  • Felice

    Awesome and interesting stuff fo sho. One thing: they seem to have exaggerated the size of these microorganisms…so the finding is a little less sexy, but absolutely still legitimate and significant.

    PZ did a great write-up about these details; it’s one of his most recent posts. I can reply with that later, for all the bio nerds out there. ;)

  • Felice
  • Sid

    Well, of course they survivedd without oxygen. Oxygen is a highly reactive poison that will KILL YOU if your body does not handle it properly :P. Electron Transport Chain FTW!