Having fun at the Midwest Humanist and Freethought Conference

What a day yesterday.  I began the day by sneakily photo-bombing Mr. Deity.  Like a ninja.

Pillow fort…clowning around…yup, I’m a child.

The talk went well.  It was a new talk so there were, of course, bumps(the compy they used for media mangled my powerpoint, for instance…”Macs just work” my ass).  I was also made to follow Greta Christina who, as usual, got an exuberant standing ovation.  Seriously, when she took pauses you could hear a pin drop in the (carpeted) room because everybody was holding their breath.  I was honestly watching from the back of the room and just wanted to hide rather than follow her.  This is going to have to go on my speaker page when I get back: will not, under any circumstances, even if the world is crumbling, follow Greta Christina on stage.  She really is that damn good.

But overall I was pleased with how the new talk went.  Somebody asked me to run for president during the Q&A.  It was far and away the angriest talk I’d ever given.  Here’s an excerpt:

Some of them in positions of power and leadership hate us.  Their ideology is that religion (theirs) is the MOST important thing on the planet, so anything that does not support it (us) needs to be opposed or eliminated.

A corollary is that religion and god’s protection is good for America, so the unreligious are also unpatriotic.  We need to be opposed or eliminated for the good of the country.  They are frightened of us.  They hate us. Not all of them – Mother Theresa didn’t hate us, and a lot of moderate Christians don’t hate us.  But you are wrong if you don’t think a substantial number in positions of power  hate us, OR, a substantial number in positions of power are perfectly willing to pander to those who DO hate us, so the effect is the same.

Michelle Bachmann hates us.
Rich Perry hates us.
Sarah Palin hates us.
Rich Santorum hates us.
Jim Boehner hates us.
The Tea Party Faithful hate us.
The Catholic League hates us.
Focus on the Family hates us.

The list goes on and on and on.

I have Christian friends who wouldn’t knowingly do anything to hurt me and I want to be fair to them.  But, the ones I just mentioned and lots more would take every right imaginable away from me.  They’d take every right imaginable away from you.  If you don’t think the Michelle Bachmann’s of this world would have us in chains if left unchecked then you haven’t been listening.

Why?  Not because they are evil, but because if what they believe about the operation of the universe is true, then we are truly monsters.  We are not mere murderers – a murderer can only kill a person once.  We are the ones who can shove multiple people into a literal hell where they will suffer through being killed over and over and over again in a pit of fire.  With our minds, we bring children to this fate.  If what they believe about the universe is true, who among us could possibly blame them for doing anything and everything to save those children?  To stop us?  This is not a fantasy to them.  It is not a hope – it is the way they really perceive reality.  If what they believe is true, then their compassion dictates they do no different.  The real scary thing is that these people are acting rationally within the context of what they believe.

This is the corrupting power inaccurate facts can have upon good intentions and even upon reason itself.  Sadly, many of us would say it was somehow improper to openly say, at every opportunity, that the facts upon which they base their worldview are wrong.  Many of us would say it is offensive to openly despise faith and religion which so frequently tell us that unreason is a virtue to be applauded.

It is not funny.  It is not sad.  It is sinister in the most complete sense, and more of us need to start treating it that way.  People die because of bad facts and irrationality.

People stood up and clapped at the end, so that’s good.

Afterward I beat the shit out of god (just another day, y’know).

Here’s me with the Wonder Triplets, having the time of our lives as always:

We later adjourned to Greta’s room for some chill time, which the three of us do not get often enough.  We had some delicious dark chocolate courtesy of Greta and ordered some positively rancid Italian food.  When ordering, we promised a $10 tip if they drew a dinosaur on the bag.

They delivered. /pun

Today we get to watch Sam Singleton tear it up, as he is wont to do.  This has been a great weekend.  The organizers (including the SSA affiliate at UNO, w00t!) have done a phenomenal job.

Gonna close with three quotes that are getting retweeted like mad on the #mhft hashtag:

“People often whisper about religion, so when atheists discuss it w an everyday voice, theists think we’re screaming” ~ Greta Christina

“Religious people treat their conclusions as more important than the methods used to reach them. Call them out on it.” ~ Me

“Atheists are not angry because there’s something wrong with us. Atheists are angry because there’s something right with us.” ~ Greta Christina

Truth.  Religion is dangerous, and I was glad to hear a series of talks going after it fiercely and without apology.

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