I live!

Ugh…sorry about the cobwebs around this place.  The 2011 SSA Leadership Conference has owned my soul for the last six days.  But my last airport run has been made and I’m just settling down back at my hizzy.

Overall it was a phenomenal experience.  Over 200 attendees present made it the biggest secular conference for students ever – and by no tiny margin.  The talks were incredible (Jessica Ahlquist in particular rocked the house).

I also shaved my head and waxed a leg as I pledged to do back when Team Awesome vanquished ‘Team’ Pharyngula.  Hemant wrote about that and even took videos.

I’m going to relax for a bit and get some sleep, then I’m going to rebut a Christian who sent me an email.  Wheeeeeeee!

Here are some pictures.

Thanks to a request from Gayle Jordan, I added a picture of my ‘bald-ass head’ to the above gallery, as well as a pic post-leg waxing.  😛

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