I'm shocked. Shocked, I say.

You’re never going to believe this.

The religion that says women should stay silent unless given permission to speak by men, the religion that places the value of women at 50% or 60% that of a male (depending on how old she is), the religion that says women are to be submissive to men (at all times, not just in the bedroom when all parties are agreeable to the matter), the religion that says all this and more about women is seeing a decline in attendance from people with two X chromosomes.

Baffling, isn’t it?

I would say that it took them long enough just to tweak Jen McCreight, but the article doesn’t say “Men Are Catching Wise To This Bullshit And Hitting The Road”, so I think I lack the standing to mock women here, what with them being the ones leaving church.  You win this day, McCreight!

  • B

    What took them so long!?!?

  • Craig

    Interesting that as gaps in education, success, and independence of women are closing (not to say that all is equal, just improving), the irreligion gap is also closing.

  • Daniel

    So, why is it wrong to treat women as less valuable than men?

  • http://gburgatheist.blogspot.com/ Stephen B

    When I speak of this issue with my christian friends, they blow it off so quickly. As an aside, I just received a letter from a local church in reponse to an issue I had with their “teachings”.

    Interesting read.


  • http://tasteofmore.blogspot.com Kay

    Woohoo! Traditionally women have been more inclined to stay involved with religious institutions, regardless of their beliefs, due to the community aspect. I’d like to think the ever more visible secular community is providing the last needed incentive to leave these institutions. If these women (and often their involved families) see that they have a secular equivalent community to turn to, I feel that slowly we will start seeing ever more women come into our communities.

  • John-Henry Beck

    Can’t we men claim ‘victory’ on this point due to the atheist movement having been predominantly male for a long time?