It's just so beautiful…

I rant a lot about the world – specifically the people in it.  So often they exhibit the worst of humanity.  They are shallow, careless about reason, and so many other qualities that fall short of the minimum we should expect from ourselves.  It’s sometimes so frustrating pointing these things out and begging for improvement that I have to step away from it for a bit.

Tonight on the drive home from Indianapolis I saw an unusually pretty sunset replete with all the standard hues of a breath-taking evening sky: pink, purple, orange, all just bright enough to inspire awe without burning the eyes.  It made me eager to hop on the plane to Omaha on Friday so I could get close enough to almost touch the clouds.  Just the thought of it brought a smile to my face.  And I was reminded that the means to defy gravity which affords me the opportunity to do such a seemingly impossible thing comes courtesy of human potential, and I remembered why the fight for science and reason means so much to me.  The best of our species makes it worth interacting with the worst of it.

What does it mean??? 😛

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