Psychologists are unanimous…I doubt it will phase the believers

Scientists: they figure shit out.

Now that six U.S. states permit same-sex marriage, researchers have been able to conduct studies with those couples.

The research, Anderson said, indicates that marriage “does confer the same sense of security, support, and validation” to same-sex couples as to heterosexual ones.

You don’t say?  What else does the APA have for us?

The resolution also points to evidence that ongoing political debate about marriage creates stress for gay men and lesbians and perpetuates stigmas and prejudice about their communities. This stress can make people physically and psychologically sick, the APA says, calling the link between stress and illness “well established.”

Wait…so the higher rate of suicide among LGBT teens is not a result of being gay, but rather the result of the mounds of unwarranted shame heaped on them the anti-gay crowd?  Who would have thunk it?

So what does the battery of our most perspicacious minds in the field of psychology recommend?

The American Psychological Association is calling on state and federal officials to stop anti-gay legal measures and to legalize same-sex marriage.The scientific and professional organization’s guiding body voted unanimously at its annual meeting this week in Washington to declare its support for “full marriage equality for same-sex couples.”

The science is clear and the experts are unanimous.  We should remember why gobs of Americans stand in opposition to the conclusions of the experts: because a nomadic tribe from thousands of years ago supposedly knows better than the sum of our most gifted modern psychologists.  It would be hilarious if the consequences weren’t so malicious.

Irrationality is dangerous.  It causes people to ignore the conclusions of experts in a field.  The results of this can be horrendous, such as making normal kids miserable and driving some to seek out death rather than live in the society of shame constructed by the denizens of our churches.  If you care for the well-being of our species, you must necessarily oppose irrationality, and if you oppose irrationality you must also necessarily oppose the institution of religion which demands the suspension of reason of us.

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