But she's so extreeeeeeeeeme

Remember the documentary Jesus Camp?  What were we told by a few accommodating atheists and by liberal Christians?  It was that this lady is an extreme case, and we shouldn’t pay her too much attention.

This lady?

Fischer maintains a full travel schedule, having trained directors for KIMI in Mexico, Australia, Kenya and India in addition to the U.S., and having curriculum materials translated into more than a dozen languages.

“We teach people how to work with kids in the church, so kids are interested and engaged and will remain active,” she said.

You don’t get a world-wide ministry without a great deal of financial support from others.  And how many nations should she taint before we’re allowed to say that what she’s doing is dangerous and should rightly be criticized.

If you ask me, that time was back before the documentary came out.

If you’re not convinced, listen to her description of Jesus Camp.

“People are seeing two different movies,” she said. “Those who are not of our religious persuasion look at it and see child abuse and brainwashing. But through the eyes of the charismatic Christians, you see hope, life and vision for children that’s exciting.”

When your religion is indistinguishable from child abuse and brainwashing (except for those who have gone through the child abuse and brainwashing) and you can see it as ‘hope, life, and vision’, something is seriously wrong with you and your religion.  You’re also not teaching anybody a damned thing.

Here is the plain truth: this lady is a monster (and so are those like her), her tactics are tantamount to abuse, and her ideas about the operation of the universe are garbage that a raccoon wouldn’t eat.  This is the message that should be delivered to the rest of the world without remorse or pause.

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