Honor regained!

Once upon a time I was quite the basketball player.  My shooting range extended well beyond the NBA three-point line.  I could make a majority of my free throws with my eyes shut.  I was good.

But that was over a decade ago.

On my tour to TN last week I played a friend one-on-one in basketball and was vanquished.  As a result, I had to write a blog post about my shame.

The following day we tussled again and I reclaimed my honor.

Good to know I can still shoot well enough.  :P

Update and pics from #AACon15. MST3K cast members were at my talk.
PERSONAL: The corrupting power of fame and my love for my commenters.
PERSONAL: Sorry to disappoint you, Julian.
You guys are wonderful.
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  • http://www.damnedhippie.wordpress.com Sid

    12-6 when he stomped you just a week ago? I don’t buy it. He couldn’t stand to see you cry and let you win :P

  • Alix

    Hah! Good job, you stomped him. :)

  • Frances Macomber

    Sooooo, neither of you can play defense? Oh, come in for your victory hug you little shit you.

    BTW, who the hell buys into a pump fake as much as that other guy does? (Mind you, I haven’t touched a b-ball in over half a decade. Easy win for you!)

  • Frances Macomber

    A blogger editing posts without stating that they have done so is sleazy and weak. Either put my post up in full or leave it off completely. Were you afraid that your masculinity was threatened? Of course you were, why else would you delete sentences in a post?
    Are you equally afraid of fair discussion as you are of food? Grow a pair.
    Cheers “sir.”

    • JT Eberhard

      Didn’t touch your comment.