Individuals do make a difference!

My friend Christina recently wrote a post about discrimination in her local area.

Last week I stopped at a local Lion’s Choice fast food restaurant (a Franchise in the St. Louis area and Oklahoma) to grab a bite to eat, and saw this:


Churchgoer discount

My reaction to this was much like that of Jeff Wagg, who found a similar discount being offered at Denny’s a few years ago. While waiting in line, I just stared at the sign in disbelief, then snapped the requisite picture with my cell phone. Once it was time for me to order my food, I had a conversation with the cashier that went kind of like this:

Me: So, if I am not a churchgoer and do not attend church, how can I get a 10% discount?

Cashier: Sorry, you can only get a 10% discount if you bring in your church program, or if you’re a senior.

Not wanting to be terribly pushy, I simply said, “I see…” and ordered my food.

I find it especially interesting that the word “current” is specifically underlined and written in red chalk instead of yellow chalk. I think this is meant to imply that you are only supposed to get the discount if you currently go to church – if you go find your old church program from back in the day before you denounced religion or became a C&E Christian, you can’t get the discount. I think that it implies not that you have gone to church, but that you currently do go to church.

She recently wrapped the happy ending to the saga up in another post.  Our movement is winning because it is made up of individuals who take effective action.

  • Sean Gillespie

    We have multiple places here in Wichita that do this. One of our members just asked the group the other day about this practice. She went to Orange Leaf and encountered the same thing. She asked if she could get the discount even though she was an atheist and doesn’t go to church. When she was told no, she explained that this was religious discrimination and she was pretty sure it is illegal and the cashier told her she should call the cops then.

    I sent her links to FFRF on info on why it is indeed illegal and she emailed their HQ and got a response apologizing and indicating that the store owner and manager have been notified. We plan on following up to see if they actually change their policy.

    • Finney

      Why is it illegal?

  • Ian

    I think an interesting experiment would be to bring an agenda from an atheist, skeptics, or humanist meeting and present that. If they deny you the discount, then they’re definitely discriminating.

  • B. Scott Andersen

    Obviously a Flying Spaghetti Monster pamphlet from the FSM website updated with today’s date and hot off your printer should suffice.