More from Dragon*Con

As Dragon*Con progressed, I continued to beat up more and more characters from video game and film alike!

I also got to spend some time at the Penny Dreadful Productions table.  I will buy some of their steampunk gear over the following year – for one because I need a steampunk costume (I need it to live, don’t question that) and for another because they were so damn nice.  Kim, the woman working the table, let me play with enormous guns and even posed in some pictures with me.  This company rocks.

Leading the damsel through the wastes with mah gun!

At one point a guy on the street said he loved me in the same breath he threatened me.

Got time?  And before you can say “I think so”, it slaps you in the face with “not as much as you think!”  Pwnd.

“Believe what I believe or burn.”  It’s odd really: if someone told you “believe what I believe or a powerful friend of mine is going to track you down and slash your tires” we’d probably call the police.  We certainly wouldn’t think that person liked us, let alone loved us.  But when someone says “believe as I believe or a powerful friend of mine is going to track you down and light you on fire for all eternity” we seem to lose our aversion to being threatened.  Personally, I tell them both to get bent.  People threatening us are not our friends and we shouldn’t shrug off somebody threatening us just because they claim to have god at their back.

We also had a global warming denier at the table next to the SSA table.  He guaranteed that we’d have changed our minds by next year.  I invited him to make a monetary wager on that.  He declined.  Though he admittedly lacked any background in science, he did direct me to his web site where he supposedly debunks the global warming conspiracy.  I guess going the peer review route, where you can’t just post anything you want and get away with it, was just too hard.

He told us we weren’t true skeptics since we believed what the scientists said.  The alternative, of course, is to pretend we know more about the science than the experts…which would make us look like arrogant rubes.  Skepticism doesn’t mean entertaining all ideas equally.  Quite the opposite, actually.  Given the number of cranks who post things to the internet, we should give credence to the consensus of the experts over those people out of hand.

Then, my brother got the brilliant idea to take a trip to Medieval Times.  Epicness ensued.

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