Saturday Fitness…on Wednesday

All the credit to Sid – she had this written up this weekend.  I’m slow to posting.  But here it is! ~JT

Last week, Conrad kicked the shit out of alliteration. JT took to wringing his hands when he was scheduled to follow Greta Christina in the speaker lineup at the Midwest Humanist Conference last month. Now I know how he feels.

Oh, well. JT is in Georgia fighting dragons or some shit like that, so it’s my turn to pick up the slack.


First, we have a new addition to our motley crew, Stephen from Maryland. He describes himself as an “athlete trapped in a fat guy’s body.” And what an athlete. He commutes 10 miles by bike each day, regardless of the weather. Just this week, he conquered the hill between him and his house, pedaling road that he used to walk. He also reduced his BMI by 0.8 and did 4 miles on the elliptical machine in 59 minutes, 30 seconds.

Stephen has been working on improving his physical fitness for about six weeks now, and has made incredible progress. For that, he gets the gold star. He blogs about his efforts at


Easy peasy, Conrad wrote up his own segment:

This week was a rough one, small injuries, fall allergies, etc, etc. But the real issue is that the last several weeks my progress has plateaued. As you can see in this graph, while initial weight loss was great, but once I got below 200, it really seemed to jump up and down around 195. Some of this is normal variations by time of day and water retention, but a lot of it is simply calorie spikes that are wiping out my progress. There are two main factors, which for me, contribute those calorie spikes: 1) not eating enough calories during the day, and over compensating at night and 2) alcohol. The solution to both? Tracking calories. I HATE tracking calories, and in the past it’s done more harm than good. However, this time I’m going to be accountable, and track it through the WWJTD workout team. Also, since my 5k is now less than 1 month away, I’m going to take a break from all alcohol for this month. I’m a big craft beer fan and this month there are lots of very nice Oktoberfest and Pumpkin beers coming out in limited runs, but if fitness is really a priority this year I need to recognize that not only does alcohol contain significant calories itself, but also lowers inhibitions around eating junk food, which is no bueno. This is the point in a weight loss plan where would normally quit, and then slowly climb back up to my comfy weight of 220, but not this time. This is one of those moments where a person has decide that they will shift the pattern of their life course. Let’s crank it up!

Gym progress was relatively minor, and I think when my right leg heals itself, I’ll probably re-post maxes next week, but in any case progress is as follows: Leg Press went up to 860lbs from 780 and Chest Press went up to 232 from 225. No new 5k times this week to compete with Tasida, I did a long run of 5 1/2 miles and it wiped out my calves in combination with some sprints which wiped out my quads. I’ll be back next week with 5k times, promise!

“Relatively” minor progress, eh? Adding nearly 100 pounds to the leg press and calling it minor certainly requires a qualifier. “Relatively” leaves one wondering, relative to what? No gold stars for misplaced humility 😛


Fighting dragons. BRB.


This week, I eat crow. My 5K run times have been extremely consistent from one week to the next. I improved my time by three seconds to 29:54:90, which is not sufficient to crush Conrad’s best time, 29:23. For now, I stand in the shadow of both his literary and his locomotive awesomeness.

I also increased the number of pushups I can do from 15 to 20, a 33% increase. The sudden increase in upper body strength in the last couple of weeks correlates with stumbling across this particular exercise. Behold, the Pushup Crawl!

I am the clumsiest person I know. I gave my toes carpet burn when I first attempted it. I still probably look pretty silly, but I at least manage to stay balanced, which is an accomplishment.

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