Adventure Is A Family Tradition

I come from Arkansas, where my parents live quite happily in the secluded house I grew up in.  One morning they looked in the back field and saw a bear.  Now, most people if they see a bear stay inside where it’s nice and safe.

Not my parents.  They ran to the edge of the field, about 40 yards from the bear.  When the bear didn’t look up (so mom could get a good picture), my parents started jumping up and down yelling, “Hey bear!”

Meet my parents.

If you ever wonder from where I get my irreverence/goofiness and my tendency to make silly decisions in favor of adventure, you’re looking at it.  I love these guys!  It is from my mom and dad that I get my affinity for being in the outdoors as well.

Atop Cloudsplitter Point in the Red River Gorge

I also have a brother.  He’s also silly.

Anyway, mom and dad are truly denizens of the forest.  My brother and I were raised on the animals they hunted.

Mother is one of the best hunters around and a true woman of the forest.  A short walk with her through the weald will increase your knowledge several times over.  Pick out a sound amongst the cacophony, she can tell you what it is and a slew of interesting facts about it.  She will also tell you which plants you can eat (and how you should eat them) and which you should avoid.  Want to know how to survive for long stretches on the land?  She’s your gal.  When the missiles fly, this is the woman you want with you.

Now that they are retired, the fall and spring are their play times.  Every other week they’re off in some remote wilderness between Texas and Alaska in their camper.  Maybe they’re fishing, maybe they’re hiking the Rockies, but the sure thing is that it will never be boring.

Anyway, I told you the bear story to tell you this story.  Mom and dad were out on Kingfisher Lake this last week when they came across some alligators.  Once again, normal people would probably make for shore.  Not my folks.  Mom just had to get pictures.

To quote my mother:

A sign says not to feed them, which I take to be euphemistic for, “don’t swim here”.

Here are some other pics from their adventure, courtesy of mom!  Click an image to make it zomg large!

Fog over Nimrod Lake
Camp view of the sunset over Nimrod Lake
Now THAT'S a boat launch! 🙂
Little Bear Lake
Boat launch at Kingfisher Lake
Great Blue Herron on Kingfisher Lake
Mom found hundreds of these under an oak tree. It's a pink striped oakworm moth caterpillar.

This is what that caterpillar will turn into:

I have the most amazing family.  I have no idea how I got so lucky.  It means everything in the world to me to make them proud.

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