Alber Mohler Jr. Doesn't Get It

R. Albert Mohler Jr. is confused. He wonders why we gnu atheists are so pissy about about religion’s influence on politics.

When Rick Perry questioned the theory of evolution, Dawkins launched into full-on apoplexy, wondering aloud how anyone who questions evolution could be considered intelligent, even as polls indicate that a majority of Americans question evolution.

A majority of Americans are not intelligent. If you do not accept evolution, then you are either uninformed of the facts or have made a virtue of being unreasonable. That is the definition of unintelligent. That a high percentage of our population is in that boat sounds very much like something to worry about. But Mohler just brushes this concern away like a fly.

The more educated people become, the more they accept scientific facts, like evolution. That’s the gripe of the gnu atheists: we think ignorance is something to be fixed. People with ill-formed opinions voting en masse is a problem for all of us.

We are deeply concerned about a host of moral and cultural issues, from how to address poverty to how to be good stewards of the earth, and on some of these there is a fairly high degree of disagreement even among us.

Above all, evangelicals are those who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and are most concerned about telling others about Jesus. Most of America’s evangelical Christians are busy raising their children, working to support their families and investing energy in their local churches.

Above all, they are most concerned about telling others about Jesus. That’s a fucking problem. More than poverty, more than being good stewards of the earth (ask the scientists working to protect the planet from whence comes most of their opposition), they are concerned with ensuring people believe a dude walked on water 2,000 years ago.

Remember when google decided to stop letting churches use their software for free? Remember the cries from the religious?

Disappointed by the rejection, Living Hope scaled back its plans and paid $2,500 ($50 per user) to use Google’s office software and Gmail for one year. Young is happy with the products, but also unhappy that he’ll have fewer capabilities—and fewer remaining budget dollars to aid his church’s social ministries.

A big part of their social ministries? Heading to Mali and Niger where only 2% of the population believes in Jesus. Malady! At the time I looked up both those countries in the United Nations’ Human Development Index. Niger consistently has one of the lowest ranks of societal wellness on this planet. Presently it is 167th of 169 countries. Mali is 160 out of 169 and has a life expectancy of 49.2 years, largely due to starvation. Yet, thanks to the influence of religious thinking, here’s a well-funded, large group of people that thinks the main problem with these areas is that less than 2% of the population thinks a dude walked on water 2,000 years ago because they “are most concerned about telling others about Jesus”.

If you are most concerned about telling others about Jesus, you have thoroughly mismanaged your priorities. Sure evangelicals are concerned about morality (just like the rest of us). The problem with Christianity is not that it removes a concern for morals, but that it keeps us ignorant, and it slows us (or stops us) from tackling real problems. It corrupts people’s ability to properly fix concerns we all have and to chase phantoms that never threatened us to the exclusions of real things that are bothersome to society. This is why we gnu atheists are taking our claws to the evangelicals. It is why it would be immoral of us to not go after them as fiercely as we can.

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