Atheist vs. Theist Magic Set, Week 1

My friend, Dr. David Burger, and myself have been working on a project for a few months now that combines an unenviable nerdery with the battle between atheism/theism.  We are creating an entire Magic: The Gathering block!  And if there are any other supernerds out there, we want you involved!

Every Monday we plan on spoiling either a couple cards or a cycle of themed cards.  Sometimes we’ll be doing it just to give a glimpse of what we’ve got going, but some Mondays, like today, we’re going to want input on the cards.  Today, we have two cards that need names.

 Click an image to make it magically large.

You can see in the theist card that it uses a mechanic that denotes obstruction of knowledge (discard).  The atheist card uses proliferate, which synergizes  with other mechanics on the atheist side.  When we were kicking around ideas for the atheist card we were looking at ideas like ‘Dedicated Ecologist’ and such.  For the theist card, we had ‘Bible Class Teacher’.    If we use a name that you provided for us, we will find a way to integrate you (your name, your picture, a quote from you in a flavor text, etc.) into the block.

The other thing we need from you artists out there is a banner for each set in the block.  Here’s an example of what these banners look like from the Morningtide and Coldsnap sets:

Those sets in the Atheist vs. Theist block will be Dark Ages, Renaissance, and Rise of Reason.  Same as above, if you provide us with a winning banner, we will find a way to integrate you into the set.

Lastly, we need a miniature logo for each set.  This will replace the square on the right side of the above cards.  The color of that logo will denote the rarity of the card.  Here are some examples from other MTG sets:

The block will be balanced and playable.  We plan to export it to Magic Workstation (download the free evaluation version) for online play.  I may even organize some draft tournaments through this blog.  :)

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