#ChurchTweet Reminder

Our piratey atheist hordes have laid claim to the #ChurchTweet trend.  It essentially belongs to us now, though a few rebels remain.  If you are being made to suffer through church/mosque/synagogue, tweet your frustrations/amusing stories.

Best of #ChurchTweet gets compiled on Monday.  :)

GODLESSNESS: Half-naked atheism.
An Agnostic And Atheist Argue About Atheism And Agnosticism
POLITICS: Boehner calls Obama an “anti-war President.”
GODLESSNESS: Freethought advocate Avijit Roy has been murdered in Bangladesh.
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  • fester60613

    I haven’t been to church in years – except for a couple of funerals. I wonder if I should go just so I can tweet about it? I nearly tweeted about the skanky christians singing some “jesus loves me ‘cuz I blow him’ songs on the SI Ferry, but my battery was almost dead so I didn’.t