College Football Thread

Go hogs!Today Arkansas goes against Ole Miss, which is coached by ex-Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt.

As blakeingle pointed out on twitter, this will likely be Nutt’s last season with the Rebels.  This saddens me.  I’ve never heard a sentence from Nutt that wasn’t classy to the fullest.  He was a good coach at Arkansas and got a very raw deal with the whole Mitch Mustain situation.  I always felt bad about the way Houston Nutt got treated here.  There was even a small part of me that felt he deserved to beat us in the years after his departure.

Still, I wouldn’t trade Bobby Petrino for anybody, and I’ll still be rooting hard for my hogs today!

I’ll also be cheering loud for #16 Michigan State against #6 Wisconsin (this will make Ed happy).  Should be a helluva game.  Would love to see a non-SEC top 10 team fall…which is why I’ll also be pulling for #25 Washington to beat #8 Stanford.  It looks like Arkansas can run the table up until they run into #1 LSU at the end of the year.  But Arkansas has had LSU’s number the last few seasons (and has even knocked them off the #1 spot).  It’s certainly not an impossible game for the hogs.  And if enough top 10 teams lose…who knows, eh?  🙂

Texas doesn’t look to be playing this week.  Neither is Oklahoma.  I guess my villain this week will have to be #4 Oklahoma State.  Go Missouri Tigers!!!

This week’s question: which team stands a better chance of going to the national championship: Alabama or LSU?  Also, which top 10 team will not be in the top 10 come the end of the season?

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