Four Questions Atheists Won't Address!

Scott is a Christian who sometimes comments on my facebook wall.  He’s a good dude.  I like him.  Sadly, being nice does not save him from being frequently wrong or from asking me for answers it would take literally 5 minutes (max) to google.

On a recent status he was having a discussion with someone else when he said…

would you like me to give you a list of problems atheist won’t listen too or attempt to explain?

Unable to help myself, I responded…

Yes. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top. This will be the most enjoyable blog post I’ve ever written.

Scott did not disappoint!  So throughout today I will be answering these problems so daunting that even the bravest atheists won’t even touch them!  Are you ready for them?  I’m warning you now, these questions are harder than a priest at a daycare.  Even if you aren’t ready, it’s time for baptism by fire!

1. If rationality and goodness is instilled in people based on evolution, then why do people go against the very survival-striving instincts we have and behave the opposite (both as individuals and regarding humanity as a whole). I’ve yet to meet anyone who has successfully lived up to THEIR OWN standard of goodness.

2. If truth is a concept that was achieved by naturalistic processes such as evolution, then truth must not be actually true but only functional. When it becomes more beneficial to believe a false idea for survival, then that idea MUST win out over what is truly true, or naturalism is false. If this is true, rationality is not reasoning to find truth but rather to survive, and truth will cease to exist when humans cease to exist.

3. Atheists and religious nut-cases read the Bible with extremely similar hermeneutics.. please explain. (ex: applying Israelite law code that to a non-Jew/Gentile follower of Jesus while totally disregarding Christ’s exposition of Old Testament law. OR taking a parable of Jesus way out of context to say we should kill people who disagree with us. Most atheists I’ve experienced handle the Bible in a more pick-and-choose way than almost any Christian I know who has studied his/her Bible.. and I agree that most claimed Christian don’t study their Bible. It seems disingenuous to tell people to not pick and choose from their religious text, but then to read the Bible in such a way that ignores any explanations to difficult texts, and they are difficult).

4. What to you is your understanding of the good news of Jesus Christ as understood by the Christian faith (you recently said eternal punishment was good news.. which again reveals an extremely fundamental misunderstanding of basic Christian thought). If you only mock this question, as usual, it reveals you really simply don’t understand it.

That should give you enough fuel to blog for awhile. I’m truly interested in your responses, especially to number 2. I’m sure 4 won’t get far, and 3 is more for you to think about when you approach a Biblical text. It takes a lot of work to properly exegete a text. 1 might be more simple than I realize. Thanks for the time.

Intimidating though they are, I shall do my best.

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